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Mind Over Body - An Anti-aging Therapy

by Anitha Sankaran 27 days ago in aging

"We can't avoid age. However, we can avoid some aging. Continue to do things. Be active. Life is fantastic in the way it adjusts to demands; if you use your muscles and mind, they stay there much longer." -Charles H. Townes

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While viewing a scenery, our mind admires its spectacular view, carries the euphoria effect to the body. The outcome is a buoyant soul. Proven or not, this butterfly effect is damn real and one can feel it. We have implied this cause-and-effect theory in our lives. It’s time to relate these concepts to our lifespan. Birth and death of a living creature balances the ecosystem. Year by year, we grow old, our body gives way for the degeneration. This is quite natural and we can’t stop it. It affects the mind, causes the body to fasten up the aging process, hence our lifespan reduces fast in the speed of a race car.

Can we delay aging? This question pops up in our mid-thirties and forties. When a gray hair streak appears, we have the urge to dye it. Not that the gray streak weighs down our beauty, but we love to stick ourselves to our younger version. There is nothing bad about feeling young and energetic since age is for our body, not for our soul.

Some people appear young in their old age. Is it possible to maintain a younger body? Do they hold some secret art to achieve anti-aging? Yes, they hold the secret to live their life in a perfect balance.

We carry this cute little voice inside our head embedded within us like a chip in our laptop. It’s our mind’s Alexa which we forget to train and tame. There are some basic neglected approaches to keep this Alexa within us satisfied. But what is the relation between keeping this Alexa happy and our anti-aging? Makes little sense, right? It will make sense when we observe those secret ways keen.

What Determines Happiness in Your Life?

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We smile, laugh, giggle, feel happy for various scenarios in our daily life. Have we ever felt what weighs our happiness? In our life, we are in a race to earn money, get materialistic possession, and double quotes settle in our life. Have we ever allotted time to think what makes us happy?

Somewhere between the growing population, technological advancements and competitions to survive in life, we are losing ourselves. It is alright to take it slow and slacken ourselves. Allow time to uncover true essence of happiness in your life. It makes you feel light, keeps your mind and soul strong, and lengthens your lifespan.

Do Not Disturb - Activity Mode

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Over-using our brain and playing down physical activities becomes the key concern of our era. We automated daily chores to unimaginable extents. For instance, moving our hand to brush our teeth is difficult for us and so we buy an electric toothbrush. So is the activity level in our life. Fat will give a goodbye wave to our muscles and it will invite unnecessary health complication guests.

We should ingrain physical activity into the fabrics of our life. Physical fitness creates positive vibes. It leads to a fulfilled mind, and it results in longevity.

Sense of Purpose

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Lock-downs have made us realize that our mind needs to be at peace to combat stress and depression. Yoga and meditation became trend setter in this Covid period. We learned to see within ourselves, have fought with odds and survived. We recognized value of human life.

Aimless life ruins the mental health and affects our well-being. We should find our life’s purpose, believe what we do matters, and we are on a meaningful path. It contributes to a greater sense of well-being and health.

Social Connection Not Social Media Connections

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Some studies have found that socially integrated people live longer. They have better survival rates from heart attacks, less risk for cancer recurrence, less depression and anxiety, and less severe cognitive decline with aging.

Meet friends and family in person, not in social media (of course, keep social distancing in mind as well). Social connections will uplift your mood and will make you feel young and energetic.

Long things short, living a stress free, socially rich, and meaningful life is the key to happiness, and ultimately, to living a long and healthy life.

Anitha Sankaran
Anitha Sankaran
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