Mental Health: Self Care

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Activities you can do in your life

Mental Health: Self Care

The Importance of Mental Health

Mental health is often held to a certain stigma. People try not to talk about their issues, thinking that they are only complaining. We are told to keep our illnesses a secret and to just “move on.” I don’t believe that we should keep our mental illnesses a secret, and I believe that everybody deserves to be given options and education. Here are a few things you can do for your own self care. Self care is one of the most important parts of living. It helps us get through hard days as well as remember the good ones better. There are 6 different types of self care:


This area can include activities such as yoga, meditation, and walks outdoors. Self care also needs to be something that you enjoy doing. Self care shouldn’t be adding to your chore list, it should be a way to decompress. Other ideas include decluttering your space, like your bedroom or office, taking a bath, stretching, showering and getting dressed, and painting your nails.


Activities can include journaling, painting, writing, and cooking. Anything that can put you in better touch with your emotions. It can also include doing something creative every day, listening to your favorite songs, and learning to say no to things you do not want to do.


Something that I have struggled with in my life is spiritual health, and what I have learned is religion is not a requirement of happiness. Being able to spend the day in nature, meditating on my day or even painting what I see can bring a sense of calm that could be very much needed. From there, if you are religious, you could bring yourself a sense of calm in order to meditate on your scripture.


In order to best nourish yourself intellectually you need activities that can challenge your mind. Instead of putting a show on Netflix that you have seen a dozen or so times, watch a documentary. Read a new book that captivates your attention, or even try learning a new language—anything to get those wheels in your mind turning.


Everyone, even introverts, need social interaction. You can choose from spending time with family or friends, to just calling someone you haven’t talked to in a long time.


This type of self care is probably my favorite. When I am in need of this I usually burn my favorite candle. It smells like vanilla and cinnamon, and I am able to calm my mind and work on the other self care activities like meditation or painting. It could even be your favorite lotion; give yourself time to massage your own arms and legs, tying in physical self care.

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