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Mental Health Matters!!

by Opinaldo Kaela 4 months ago in mental health
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By: Maria Mikaela Opinaldo


Mental health is such a relevant topic in society, everyone will be related, especially to those students who are experiencing mental breakdowns as a result of the overwhelming demands and duties at home and at school.

Mental health is defined as a state of being affluent in one's own potential, with the ability to strike a balance between productivity and self-care. And It affects our psychological, emotional, and social wellbeing . WHO defines mental health as "a condition of well-being in which a person can cope with the usual demands of life and handle circumstances."

Mental health problems will affect your state of well being at your work, your school responsibilities, your social relationship, your mood and behaviours will change. There are many factors for the contribution of mental health problems: Trauma cause of abuse, Stressful life due to un ending demands in work, school or home responsibilities; these factors is not the specific problems of mental health problems but one of the possible causes of mental health problems.

There are three common mental health problems, stress, anxiety, and depression.

Stress is the most common response when we feel difficulties. Stress is the common response for short-term difficulties, such as dealing with many demands at work or school activities or responsibilities at home. These are the possible causes of stress.

When we expose ourselves to things that are not familiar to us, it is expected to cause stress. For example, at school, a new lesson might be difficult for us because the lesson is not familiar, so we need to study the lesson efficiently to familiarise ourselves with the lesson. When we feel we are chained in a situation, it keeps us imprisoned in a box that keeps us covered in a situation of being degraded. Your every action is controlled by someone, so you can’t even express yourself, or the environment is full of negativity that affects your mental life. and feeling threatened, either by someone or due to demands for deadlines. Sometimes stress triggers depression due to the effects of long-term stress. For example, you can’t unchain yourself in the situation where you are now due to the environment causing you negativity, and its main cause is often the people around you.

Depression can sometimes caused by stress. We can't bear the tension and slip into sadness because of the demands. Depression is characterised by a persistent sense of sadness and a loss of interest in everything. It's a sense of emptiness, of being unworthy, of being unhappy, and of your entire world being engulfed in darkness and slowly vanishing.

Due to demands responsibilities, on how to accomplish the overload requirements, how to begin, where when to start, what activities we should need to do first, how to deal with unending deadlines, these are the thoughts replayed over and over again in our minds that makes us feeling of being anxious. Anxiety is the feeling of unending thoughts for solving the problem we want to solve, is it a replay thoughts in our minds that asking and asking all over again in a questions of unending whys and unending how. and negative thoughts that just like a replay button in our minds.

If these feelings are surrounded your whole atmosphere, try to reach out to someone or ask professionals or a faith leader on your situation before it will led you to a suicidal. And if you feel someone is not feeling well try to draw near to them even you are not sure if they are having mental breakdowns try to ask them and cheer their up and support them or take them into a place where they can breathe and feel safe.

If these feelings are consuming the entire environment, reach out to someone or speak with a professional or a religious leader about the issue before it leads to suicidal thoughts. Also, if someone isn't feeling well, try to approach them. Even if you're not sure if they're experiencing a mental breakdown, ask them and encourage and support them, or take them to a secure area where they can breathe.


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Depression (major depressive disorder) - Symptoms and causes Maria Mikaela Maria Mikaela Opinaldo


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