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Men With Five Unhealthy Habits Will Hurt the Sperm

Unhealthy Habits Hurt the Sperm

By Amanda ChouPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Men With Five Unhealthy Habits Will Hurt the Sperm
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In today's society, many infertile families are caused by various social and life pressures. According to statistics, in 10 couples, one couple has this situation. Because young men now think they are in good health and don't pay attention to their health, many cases happen. In fact, men should take good care of their bodies.

As we all know, men have the task of breeding the next generation, and the quality of male sperm determines the standard of giving birth to healthy children. Due to some congenital or acquired effects, many men have reduced sperm motility and morphological abnormalities, which seriously lead to many sperm death and infertility.

Men who are in normal health and reproductive period are mostly high-quality sperm. However, under the influence of some diseases, it will affect the quality of sperm, make sperm abnormal and lead to infertility. Common are some urogenital diseases, such as prostatitis, orchitis, and seminal vesiculitis.

According to statistics, 27% of patients with urogenital symptoms have abnormal prostate fluid test results, or abnormal semen bacteriology or biochemistry, which seriously affects fertility. Therefore, active treatment is necessary.

The typical treatment is antibiotics, especially when some bacterial infections are found. In addition to antibiotics, traditional Chinese medicine therapies such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is also very effective, especially for some patients with chronic inflammation.

The pill can work effectively and directly into the reproductive and urinary systems to completely clear up infections. Moreover, the drug is made mainly from leaves, flowers and seeds, and roots of natural plants. They won't cause any harm to the body and will not cause drug resistance. 

In addition to these reproductive system diseases, some sperm problems are caused by some human factors in life.

Men have these five bad habits that will hurt their sperm.

1. Stay up late

Many people know the harm of staying up late. Many people think that it's OK to make up for it after staying up late and getting sleep. It is not the case. Staying up late hurts the liver, kidney, and reproductive system. Staying up late for a long time will lead to endocrine disorders and abnormal hormone levels, resulting in decreased sperm motility and even dead sperm.

2. Long-term smoking

Many men have to smoke for a long time for business. Smoking can inhibit the action of choline acetylase and lead to the decline of sperm motility. Moreover, smoking can also reduce sperm quantity and vitality and even genetic defects. Therefore, it is suggested that people who smoke for a long time should minimize smoking as much as possible.

3. Steam sauna

Nowadays, many people like a sauna. They think the sauna can detoxify because sweating a lot will lead to the excretion of toxins in the body. This concept is too one-sided. When steaming sauna, it may lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases due to the increase of temperature. Moreover, the most suitable temperature for men's sperm is about 38 degrees. When exposed to high temperatures, the testis will continue to inhibit sperm production, and the quality of semen will decline. Their fertility will decrease.

4. Ignore personal hygiene

Compared with women, many men don't pay much attention to personal hygiene in life, which may be related to men's character. They may not know that reproductive health and personal hygiene are inseparable. Underwear that does not change for a long time will produce many bacteria, which is very easy to lead to infection, thus affecting sperm quality.

5. Cross your legs

Many people like to cross their legs, which may also be a habit formed by many people. Many people cross their legs as long as they sit down. In fact, in the long run, it will cause unavoidable damage to the testicles. Because the testis is oppressed for a long time and the temperature rises, it will inhibit sperm production and lead to orchitis and prostatitis.

The sperm is very fragile. Many small bad habits that don't pay attention to in life will affect the quality of sperm. Many men who feel healthy will find that they also have poor sperm quality after the examination. Therefore, men who have not given birth after marriage should take correct treatment in time and actively.

Of course, these are auxiliary improvement means that need attention in some small daily details. If there is poor sperm quality, it is still necessary to select a regular professional hospital for treatment in time. Paying due attention to the above problems during treatment can have a better auxiliary effect on quality improvement.

I hope everyone can have excellent sperm and a healthy baby!


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