Meet the Mage

I am not just a Tarot Reader

Meet the Mage
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Who am I? Well that’s an amazing question. I am an art historian, and I have 14 years experience as a tarot reader and 10 years as an astrologer. I have five years experience with runes, and I have three years experience with dream interpretations. I also have knowledge on spiritual laws and principles, and I use my analytical skills that I have learned from getting my bachelors degree in art history towards giving tarot readings readings as a way to give life coaching sessions to my clients. I use the various signs in my chart to engage and help my clients on every individual level of whatever question is that they seek or ask for, but it’s more than just being psychic.

Psychic ability is something that, while it is really awesome to have, you also have to come from a place of respect with it. When you respect your tarot reader, they will respect you. That reader will give you the best energy possible at the time of the reading. I am myself a tarot reader and take this approach with all of the tools that I use to help my clients in their every day life, with high regard and respect for the spiritual Aspect and purpose that they were truly meant for, to give clear, concise, and accurate readings to my clients.

I call myself a mage which is the term used for people who are spiritually inclined to higher knowledge and a learned person. It’s been known to be used for people who were considered in medieval times who were known as enchanters, which is a term that derived from the Greek word magus, which means magician. But really this term is actually a Persian learned word for someone who is of the priestly class and/or from the word magician. Now the term “magician” to me has a very derogative term; I like mage better because it is more of a wise term.

To become a true mage is not someone who uses magic as a tool to get what they want out of you, or to gain in control out of ego. That’s not being a mage that’s being someone who lives in ego and abuses magic because magic, is just a term for a transmutation of energy. A true mage is someone who is wise beyond her/his years, who in the face of darkness will bring the light and will cast out any negative, unwanted and unnecessary energies, people, or situations that sometimes individuals cannot do on their own.

It can be both male or female but usually they’re females, at least in the Viking era there were they were all females, but like I said I can be male or female. It is a just a term that we use in spirituality or that I actually am trying to re-coin for spirituality. I want it to be of a positive nature because that’s exactly what I am. I am the definition of a true mage which, according to the dictionary, says a magician or learned person. I am more of a learned person in the aspect of everything that I have learned over my 14 going on 15 years of spirituality and existence and experience.

I am the force that which nature brings all spiritualists to and go back to. I have a lot of water energy as well as a lot of earth and fire and air but it’s not just about tapping into the elements that makes me qualified to call myself a learned person. It’s through the human condition and experience that I have been born into which is help to me take on the most difficult task of being a means to an end as a spiritual healer. Becoming a mage is not an easy, in fact it’s quite difficult: you lose a lot, you gain some. Then you lose some more—that’s just the way the cookie crumbles when you walk down this path, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love what I do, and I live fully and authentically within myself and true to myself to the exterior world.

We constantly seek to be accepted, but when we cannot be accepted by others we instead reject ourselves. The path of a true mage is learning to accept yourself first and foremost for everything that you are and everything that you are not. This also means that you are neither good nor bad, blessed nor evil. All it simply means is you hold a choice with every action, reaction, and vocalization of your voice and intentions within your heart and soul for transmitting energy, no matter the direction. But what will you begin to learn, and what we need to learn, is that being a mage requires a lot of mental agility. It’s a kind of mental agility that a lot of the consciousness is beginning to shift into for humanity’s sake. That being said, it is just now beginning to or starting to be accepted about itself. That Is why I am not just any other tarot reader.

Anyone can read tarot, but not a lot of people know that when you read tarot that you are beginning to tap into mage consciousness. Anybody could become a mage, even if they don’t actually practice magic, witchcraft, or even spell work. They could do it simply through prayer with a different religion or by saying a mantra. It is still a part of the spiritual experience and of a higher consciousness. What makes me so accurate and what makes me a highly sought after as a tarot reader, psychic, astrologer, mage, whatever you want to call me is that I pay close attention to my clients and I am able to put pieces together that not a lot of people can see—and then unlock the ability for my clients to move forward into their life. I humble my experience and take it very seriously.

So thank you for reading my page today, and stay tuned because there’s going to be some more insight coming in tomorrow. I welcome you into my sacred space and to read the words that have come from a sacred being. If you would like to check out my pages you can definitely follow me on

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