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Meet Biostrap: The Wearable That Helps Measure Your Sleep, Recovery, and Performance

by Iggy Paulsen 9 months ago in athletics

Can you really hack your health and get a better body faster? Biostrap says it can help you do it, even if you're an ordinary Joe.

Meet Biostrap: The Wearable That Helps Measure Your Sleep, Recovery, and Performance

As you can probably imagine, training athletes is serious business, and you don't have to be a sports enthusiast to realize that. The sports greats of yesteryear would be totally unremarkable today, and so would the gear that they used to max out their stats.

A significant reason why training has become so intense is because the science behind it has made it possible to get better results than ever before. Now that the science has changed, though, an entire shift of perspective has been sent into motion on how ordinary people view their fitness levels and goals.

No longer are the days that professional athletes are the only people able to seriously watch and track their daily activities, trying to attain whatever good health means to them. This is entirely emblematic of how the fitness industry has started flooding the market with Fitbits, Samsungs, and Garmins, all claiming to have the best tech for helping you establish a healthy lifestyle. It should be no surprise to say that the more detailed the wearable, the better the results can be; but how can you, presumably an average person, know where to get started in the wearable health trend?

Well, one of the newest wearables to hit the market is called the Biostrap, and the stats it offers give you the ability to "hack" your body into becoming stronger, faster, and healthier than ever before.

Biostrap is the newest wearable technology on the market, and is totally geared to give you every statistic you need to make the best possible choices for your body.

This wearable is a two-piece ensemble, consisting of a wrist strap that can be worn everywhere and a shoe pod that is worn during exercise. These two items measure everything from heart rate to calorie burn to oxygen content and more.

Unlike other wearables, Biostrap isn't just about exercise. It's also an excellent sleep tracker that allows you to learn how you can better your sleep, alerting you if your sleep patterns are cause for concern.

It's a wearable that has gained the approval of trainers and medical professionals.

Let's face it, there are plenty of wearable devices on the market, but not many of them are very accurate. In fact, the statistics given by some of the biggest names in the wearable field can be off by as much as 20 percent of their estimates.

Medical professionals and personal trainers have started to suggest the Biostrap for people who need to have the very best biometrics tracking devices on the market. It's becoming a name people trust, even when it comes to professional athleticism.

And yet, it's easy enough for regular people to wear.

Though the technology is advanced enough for professional athletes to use, anyone can use Biostrap to improve their performance, sleep, or weight loss endeavors.

The way Biostrap works is intuitive, and all the data that you collect will result in custom-tailored advice that everyone can understand.

You might have already experienced using wearables that count footsteps or offer up how many minutes you have worked out at the gym. That's great and all, but any athlete who's ever seriously trained knows that footsteps and an increased heart rate don't really offer you much in terms of data.

The Biostrap shoe pod and wrist strap duo take data collection to a new level by creating specialized statistics based on the exercise you're doing. Everything from walking or biking to swimming and aerobics is measured on its own individual criteria.

If you've ever wondered how many calories you're really burning during that workout, using the Biostrap will give you the most accurate estimate that money can buy.

Find out if you're really the top of your class.

The most interesting thing about the Biostrap's activity tracker is the accuracy of its measurements about your performance. This tracker doesn't just tell you how many calories you burned or how much you walked, it tells you minute details that other trackers cannot.

For example, let's take a look at the stats tracked by Biostrap during kettlebell swinging. The Biostrap will measure the velocity at which you swing your kettlebell, how many calories you burn, and your heart rate through it all.

Anyone who enjoys a healthy amount of competition will find those stats to be wonderfully motivational.

It's Biostrap's heart rate variability that makes it a uniquely powerful tool in your arsenal.

If you had a fire in your building and you had to run down the stairs, would you be able to do it at a moment's notice? Your heart rate variability is your body's natural indication as to whether or not you are physically ready to perform at any moment.

Biostrap is the only wearable tech on the market to measure your heart rate variability using a wide range of data during both your sleeping and waking moments. This provides the best possible overall read on your health and training progress.

Of course, your exercise routine is only half the battle.

Anyone who has ever seen an athlete collapse due to overwork or watched as an athlete tore a muscle can tell you that rest is just as important as training. Without proper rest, your muscles cannot recover from the exertion of exercise.

That's why Biostrap has a custom Sleep Lab, which offers valuable measurements that give you a perfect picture of what your sleep quality and muscle recovery is really like.

Some of the measurements taken by the Biostrap include:

  • Oxygen Saturation
  • Snoring
  • Resting Heart Rate
  • Time During Light and Deep Phases of Sleep
  • Respiration Rate
  • Sleep Disturbances
  • Leg and Arm Movements
  • Heart Rate Variability

By using Biostrap's Sleep Lab, you can optimize your sleep.

Every body is different, and that means that every person's sleep needs will vary as well. To ensure your muscles recover from your exercise, Biostrap's Sleep Lab gives you a wealth of data along with personalized input on how to improve your training.

You can find out whether you've been sleeping too much or too little, all from navigating the app.

The Sleep Lab is so advanced, it can even help you get diagnosed for certain sleep disorders.

Just like the exercise portion of the Biostrap, the Sleep Lab uses both the wrist and shoe pod to gather as much data as possible. Depending on what the Biostrap uncovers, you may be able to discover whether a sleeping disorder has been impeding your ability to perform at your best.

All the information the Biostrap Sleep Lab creates can be printed out in a visually appealing PDF format for safekeeping or showing your doctor. The Sleep Lab portion of Biostrap is a subscription service, but it's affordable enough for regular people to enjoy.

Biostrap provides customized advice that laymen can understand.

This is perhaps the biggest issue that people have with all the data that's collected by high-performance wearables. It's interesting to see how your heart rate variability can change, or what amount of oxygen you have in your muscles, but most people won't know what to do with that data.

To make things easier for wearers, Biostrap offers customized advice based on your stats. The advice is in easy-to-understand language, and is designed to help you figure out how to reach your fitness goals faster than ever before.

It's amazing how much you can improve your sleep, recovery, and overall performance when you can see the numbers behind your work. Though this isn't your typical "fitness hack," the Biostrap will give you the results you're yearning for—and that makes it worth every penny.

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