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Meditation Can Help You Live a More Successful Life

Meditation and Yoga are the keys to a healthy life...

By LunaPublished 11 months ago 3 min read
Meditation Can Help You Live a More Successful Life
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Do you have a lot of worries? Do you have health concerns? What's going on in your mind? What's the state of your soul? Do you wish your life was less stressful and more peaceful?

Well, a few years ago, I felt all of these things and feared I was going insane or dying. I was working an extremely demanding job for 8-9 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At home, I had a wife and two children who demanded and needed my love and care. I was drowning in debt, with a loan, two-vehicle loans, education, medical costs, outstanding payments, and lines of credit.

I was racing around endlessly taking better care of everyone and fixing the situation, but I rarely had any time to look after myself. My body would pound in my sleep due to stress and anxiety. My work, my spouse, the children, the expenses, the house, my health, and even my health were all on my mind.

My physical well-being was especially important to me. Every day, I was exhausted. I had begun to put on weight. My back ached all the time. I was out of breath and dizzy after climbing one flight of steps. Physically, intellectually, and spiritually, I felt as if I were collapsing.

I was quite concerned about myself but had no idea what else to do. I went to the gym, tried many fad diets, used home exercise devices, and even used time management software. With each new thing I tried, I had approximately the same results.

At first, they all appeared to help, but I couldn't keep with every one of them because of very long. They didn't work, I now see, since they were all band-aid solutions to a long-term issue. I had to make a shift in my lifestyle.

I felt I needed to study a lot, but I couldn't decide to purchase a lot of books, and everything in the libraries appeared to be out of time.

As a result, on my way home from work, I made it a routine to stop by the local Stables and Noble. I read all I could about stress, anxiety, health, nutrition, and self-improvement that I could get my hands on.

Sitting there perusing the books without purchasing them made me feel like a thief, yet no one seemed to bother. To relieve my guilt, I would normally buy a cup of coffee or tea.

I've read a number of amazing books with great advice on how to improve one's life. One topic came up repeatedly, which was expected.

I had attempted meditation numerous years previously but had been disappointed and stopped before giving it a fair shot. But I was eager, and I was willing to do anything.

Start right now, according to one book in particular. I felt too ashamed to meditate in the bookstore, but I didn't want to spend any more time.

So I walked out to my car, adjusted my seat to a relaxed place, set my watch alarm for 20 minutes, closed my eyes, and began counting my breaths.

That was a watershed point in my life. Of course, I was not immediately successful. Mediation is a skill that takes time to master and can be challenging at times.

However, deciding to add meditation into my daily routine completely transformed my life.

For a while, I went to the bookstore every night and alternated between studying and meditation. In my life, nothing had changed.

I still had a demanding job, a difficult marriage, a busy home, a stressful home, and a hard budget, but I was feeling much better, less anxious, and much more active!

No, it did not suddenly fix all of my problems. However, after I began to feel calmer and less anxious, I was able to focus better on the other tasks I wanted to do to improve my mental, physiological, and spiritual growth.

At home, I quickly began a daily meditation practice. In addition, I started a modest fitness program that comprised walking, mild workouts, and yoga.

These factors, together with the fact that I eat well (most of the time), have completely transformed my life. 


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