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by Jocelyn Whaley 2 months ago in meditation

The Key to My Spiritual Growth

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Growing up I believed that if I didn't pray daily, I wouldn't make it to heaven. I was taught to pray before I went to sleep at night, eat a meal, and especially on bad days. Praying is basically talking to God and feeding your soul. Prayer is a powerful tool that is used by people that believe in a higher power, to ask for blessings or forgiveness. Another side of prayer is meditation. Meditation is the practice of allowing God to speak back to you. The majority of us can't quiet our minds long enough to concentrate on that inner voice.

Meditation has helped me focus on my connection with my God, and follow my intuition. I grew up a Christian, but I can't say that I have been extremely religious, my entire life. Especially during my teen years and into adult life. I tried to do, what I was told to do: Go to church, tithe, and obeying the ten commandments. Honestly, I have never met anyone that has obeyed the rules of the bible 100%! We have all sinned, and later asked for forgiveness. The one thing I never got right, was taking the time to download the messages God I was trying to tell me. My third eye was blocked until about 3 years ago. My life had gotten so chaotic to the point where I couldn't think in complete sentences, while praying. I had a lot of negative energy around me and full of distractions. I knew I had to do something fast to fix my spirit.

Meditation saved me, and I started to understand why my life was going the way it was. There is a process to getting in alignment with the universe, which leads to a better connection to the creator. This is why I started to take the art of meditation more seriously. This allowed me to receive the messages and signs I had be overlooking.

I can remember learning about the Shaman's while taking a humanities class in college, many years ago. Shamanism is a religion where they communicate with the spiritual world and gain power through trance. My professor was a hippie who had crystals piled on his desk, while a dream catcher hanging next to them. He was really into spirituality and always discussed the power of meditation. One day we watched a video in class that explained how the Shaman's focused on meditation. The Shamanic meditation consist of connecting with spirit guides, ancestors, gods and goddess, angels, etc. Shaman's are also healers for the sick. They would use drums to help conjure up the spirit, drumming is referred to as the heartbeat of the earth. I can remember thinking to myself that they're just praying like we all do. After doing my own research on the method they were using, it made better sense about the difference.

I was also introduced to burning sage and saying affirmations, something I've been doing for over 10 years now. It wasn't until about 3 years ago I realized that I wasn't removing the negativity around me. You can't just burn sage and expect things to go right. You have to ask for guidance and protection from the higher power, to see the results of burning sage. You can't keep negative people around, expecting positive results, because they bring that energy with them. Energy transfers easily, so you have to be careful who you exchange energy with.

Meditation taught me how to manifest the life and emotional stability I needed and deserve. I have watched things happen that I prayed for and never expected to happen so easily. Meditation allowed me to put the mirror in front of my face, and get real. The healing and the peace of mind that I have today helped me surrender to my feminine energy. I have been able to remove negative thoughts and people. Now that I am in complete alignment with God and the universe, I am able to focus on my purpose. I am a natural healer and want to help heal others.

Meditating on a consistent basis has helped me grow spiritually. I am calm and understanding. I don't get upset over minor things, like I use to. Especially things that I don't have control over. I allow people to be who they're without trying to change them. I don't entertain negative energy or match energy. I instantly follow up bad thoughts with a good ones. I understand the importance of protecting my spirit from the things that promote negativity. Social media, the news, movies and music all have the power to control our emotions. The best part about meditation is that it helps us manifest the life we desire, by setting our intentions. I also understand that I have to put in the work to receive my blessings.


I prefer to mediate first thing in the morning, so that I can set my intentions for the day. After a challenging day, it is a good way to relax with meditation. Most of all, I give thanks in advance for the blessing I am about to receive and blessing from the past. I light some candles, burn sage to clear out any negative energy. I then I burn palo santo to bring in the positive energy. I sit with my legs crossed in the lotus position, with my neck, head and spine aligned. My hands are relaxed on my lap, with my palms facing up. I take a few deep breaths, inhale through my nose, and exhale out of my mouth. Sometimes I use a guided mediation, or just music. You can find some really good ones online, music streaming channels or YouTube. I get into my zone and clear my mind. I strongly recommend meditation as something people do daily. A five minute meditation daily can change your life.


Jocelyn Whaley

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