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Rishikesh, India

In ancient times, if anyone had health isssues, a healer would chant a mantra (a specific mantra) and the person would be healed. A mantra is a word or phrase or even a syllable that is repeated in concentration. “Man” means and “tra” means transport or vehicle. In this process the healer is a person who has done many tapas and sadhana for this purpose in particular. To be a healer, one had to pass through an initiation by a guru with the Sanjivani Mantra (this is a mantra for healing others). The sadhaka (trainee) would have to meditate on this mantra that contains 7 bijaksharas, or seed letters. After this the sadhaka gains the power to heal and is eligible to work as a healer.

In Ayurveda, it is said that the mind goes through waves, changing every 45 minutes. The waves are not constant, so this is why one needs to meditate in each session at least 45 minutes. The longer that we sit in meditation, the more prana sakti in us increases and also our blood circulation increases. If there is more circulation of the blood in our body, then that means we have stronger brain cells that will enhance our intellect and give energy to our entire body. It is also said in yoga and Ayurveda that with a greater circulation of the blood there is a reduction in brain tumors.

When we meditate the body temperature rises so if we have any sickness we can become our own personal healers to heal whatever problem we can have with our yogic powers. Yogic energy unfolds and increases when one meditates for an hour or more and this means that spiritual powers awaken in us.

The Earth has its own magnetic field and when we meditate on the ground we draw on that energy. We can also sit in meditation and imagine givying all the negative energy within us to the Earth to cleanse ourselves.

In olden days, when the holy rishis chanted the Sanjivani Mantra, they generated tremendous amount of yogic energy in their bodies. They reached a level of consciousness in which they were unaware of the sthula sarira (the physical body). They only remained aware of the prana sarira. The prana sarira is our subtle body made of energy.

It is very beneficial for our health to stand for 15 minutes early in the morning and offer surya namaskara (sun salutations) to the Sun God. This act gives vitality to the body and also clears negative samskaras. The chakras become bright after doing this.

Meditating on the heart chakra can be very beneficial for those who are emotionally unbalanced and disturbed. It also helps people who are under mental pressure, and feel restless, and disturbed. Meditating on the heart can help these problems. If one can not meditate then Ayurveda is another way to help heal. Changing our food habits can be very beneficial.

Having good habits is the way to a healthy lifestyle. When the habits are not regular then people become very unusual. This means that they can begin to sleep too much or not sleep at all, they can stay awake all night and sleep all day. They might have food issues such as eating a lot or nor eating at all. This is not natural nor good. One should strive to maintain a daily regular healthy routine and stick to it. We begin to have health problems when we are careless about our sleep hours and meal times. Meditating on the manipura chakra is the best way to overcome these problems since this is the chakra that gets affected the most because of this.

In ancient times there were no doctor, no hospitals, and no laboratories. The rishis used yogic methods of meditation such as concentrating on the chakras, pranayama, asanas (yogic postures), and herbal remedies to heal. It was a natural way of healing and it is said that their lives were long and happy.

Nowadays we even pay attention to the purity of the water that we drink or if the food’s organic enough. We have more diseases now than in ancient times.

Denisse Ramirez
Denisse Ramirez
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