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by Victoria LaPointe about a year ago in meditation

Align Spirit and Intellect


The point with this exercise is to begin set up an atmosphere of acceptance and communication between what you experience (typical right-brain information gathering) and the way in which you then fit that experience into the format of language and expression (typical left-brain, intellectual structure).

Get comfortable in your meditation area.

Once you’re settled and have centered yourself in comfort and relaxation, find yourself in your sacred space. Notice the sacred items you’ve accumulated, the calm atmosphere, the gentle light and sound. Let the stresses and demands of the day to day world float away on the breeze or the water or be consumed into a flame or absorbed into the Earth. Relax and feel the gentle clarity of the You beneath the cloak of daily life.

As your body settles and your mind wanders you begin to feel a light breeze and notice that you’re walking. The path beneath your feet is soft and mossy and you find yourself wandering along a smooth and gently winding path. The light is low and soft and has the colorful tinge of sunshine dipping towards the horizon deepening towards a dark, velvety indigo. Moonlight brightens and softly turns the oranges, pinks and purples silvery, smoothing out any brassiness or glare and shimmering into the shadows with a calm, pale, blue light. As you look around and gain an idea of your surroundings you notice that the path is ascending with each step you take. Before long you realize that you’re able to look down and see a valley far beneath you. Your steps continue to rise and you begin to see the clearly defined lights of each star as they blink into the darkening sky around you. You notice that each star as it gains brightness has its own resonance and light. And you can sense the subtle differences in light, color and sound. The connections between the stars form a protective net around you and you feel cradled in their soft glimmer and tone. You are enmeshed in the starlight, floating, completely surrounded by love, acceptance, beauty and peace.

From this place of comfort and safety, begin to focus your mind completely on the experience. Feel the colors, see the sounds and hear the warmth. Release your reliance on physics. Send your knowing out beyond what you’ve always seen as “real” and open your mind to the possibility of completely new experiences. Stretch your intellect to acknowledge the possibility and actuality that things as we have known them up to now can embody a different reality.

Feel the experience fully and allow your “left-brain” articulate mind to begin sifting your new experiential observation through its filters of language, memory and organization. Allow your Knowing to restructure the parameters of reality to include the sound of light and the feeling of blue, the taste of fluorescence, the smell of a melody. What emotions do these new observations evoke? Is the light bitter? The sound acrid? Is blue sharp or ticklish?

Take your time and let your senses play.

In your orb of starlight and safety and as you experience the new observations you’re finding, take your focus into your brain and watch as the synapses fire. Notice from where they arc to where they’re received and see the bridges form between their relay points. Get the sense of the new configuration and relationship your neurological network is weaving.

Continue with this internal observation and bridge building until you sense that you have created a viable and flexible communication network between your experiential self and your cognitive self. One that intentionally and effectively includes your observations within their new parameters.

Once you’re comfortable with your work and feel that it’s complete, at least for now, begin to bring your consciousness back to your sacred space. Wander back along the path or glide effortlessly over it on glowing wings or just shift. As you pull in and bring yourself back, notice that you carry in your hand a map, a list or a schematic of the new networks that you’ve begun to build. This will serve as a reminder that you have an actual set of directions to get back to that state of connection between experience and intellect that you can implement at any time.

Victoria LaPointe
Victoria LaPointe
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Victoria LaPointe

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