Manifest, and It Shall Come!

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Manifest, and It Shall Come!

"If we are to keep our minds closed, we will never experience what life actually has to offer us."

The universe is waiting to give you what you deserve!

I was a skeptic of everything my entire life. Pretentiously, I would put down the ideas of the Law of Attraction or spirituality. I believed I was a "realist." What I was REALLY doing was closing off my mind, body, and soul from infinite opportunity, possibility, and abundance that comes with the power of belief. As a child, I was taught that prayer means religion. It does not. I also learned through my own life experience that a "higher power" does not have to refer to a religious God. For many years, I turned my back on spirituality and prayer due to these preconceived notions. Around my late teens, my life felt miserable. I was doing everything a productive member of society should do without the least bit of self reward. I took some unorthodox turns and ended up with a life that was not a sight for sore eyes. I was a walking shell, taking up space on the Earth. I was not living, but merely existing.

After a couple years of self loathing and torment, I met my saving grace. She told me to go home that night, light a candle, and imagine everything I wanted for myself and my life; to envision MY perfect world. Something I now know is called "setting intentions" and "manifestation." She told me that, no matter what I envisioned, I deserved whatever thoughts came to me—even the most absurd and astronomical. "HA!" I thought to myself. Despite my reluctance, I was so desperate for SOME SORT OF ANSWER that I did exactly what she said. I sat before the candle and just stared at it. I did this for 30 minutes and truly focused on what I wanted my life to look like. I remember being told to try and pinpoint internal struggles first, and that external problems would inevitably be solved. So I dug deep within my soul. I closed my eyes and meditated on what pure happiness and peace would feel like, as that WAS the goal. I will admit, it was extremely difficult at first. My mind kept drifting elsewhere and I would keep "starting over" in my head. Although this was not in my comfort zone whatsoever, I practiced this daily and after just one week of true meditation and spiritual prayer, I started to feel an enormous shift in myself. I was no longer getting angry at trivial things and was easily able to think before speaking or acting—something that was rather foreign to my everyday way of living. This in itself was a true revelation for me!

After getting into the spiritual swing of things, I started to want more. My body was craving more spiritual and physical health. Through more prayer, meditation, yoga and chakra aligning, I started to manifest tons of positive energy for myself. One night I dreamt that I was directing a movie on a huge big budget set. I woke up thinking..."I want to go to film school!" It was completely out of the blue, but I was stuck on this random idea! I've always been a creative person but never found the proper outlet for that part of myself. So I prayed to the universe, I meditated and manifested only creative energy surrounding me. The next day, and thanks to technology, a sponsored ad for one of the most prestigious film schools popped up on my computer. NOT a coincidence. I looked at the schools website and was SOLD...except for the $92,000 tuition. THAT was where manifestation came in. I knew I was meant for this school but I did not have the means financially to attend. I pulled out all the spiritual stops; praying, lighting candles, intention-setting, doing unnoticed acts of kindness, etc. The great thing about the universe is that if you give only HALF your body's effort, it will do the other half for you, meeting you completely half way!

Long story short, this was proven to me as I received a FULL scholarship for a 3 year bachelor's degree in screenwriting and directing to the school of my literal dreams. From then, everything just fell into place for me. I was internally at peace and doing what I was put on this Earth to do; CREATE! Without spirituality and an open mind, I believe that none of these incredible things would have happened to me. Sadly, if we are to keep our minds closed, we will never experience what life actually has to OFFER us.

It is a daily reprieve. Meditation can be extremely difficult, as stated before. Enjoying the company you keep by yourself is something most people don't even know is their truth until they sit alone and hate every thought that washes over them. This is not to say my life is perfect. It never will be, and for that I am most grateful. Everything in life is temporary. The good AND the bad. External forces will occur and we won't be able to have any control over them! So what's the point? The point is to be found within yourself and is different for every being. Jumping off of this theory, if things are going to happen anyway, why should we waste our absolute precious energy on worry? Worry causes ill health and does no good for anyone. Not worrying does NOT mean lack of concern! Don't get those twisted. It's okay to have problems, for everything will be okay in the end. If it's not's not the end.

Now, go change your life. It's waiting for you!

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