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Maca: The Superfood That Will Fill You with Energy and Vitality

by Linda DeCann 3 months ago in product review

Beneficial Plant for Female Health


Maca has gained considerable reputation, but we all know they can be misleading. This is why even though maca is specified to have health benefits such as helping with memory and concentration, reducing the size of the prostate, and increasing muscle and strength, it is best to do what research has confirmed.

Its high doses of amino acids and minerals make this ancient plant a great ally to fight against fatigue and spring asthenia.

In this boom for 'superfoods,' we find some that are going to be truly effective in alleviating the symptoms that the change of season causes in our body. One of them is maca, a plant that grows 3,500 meters high and is loaded with nutrients. In fact, it has medicinal properties to treat, above all, menstrual pain.

It provides proteins with a high biological value due to its composition in essential amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins mainly of the B complex, fiber, and minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, sodium and zinc.

Most of these nutrients provide us with energy, which is why it is considered a very energizing plant, helping to reduce fatigue and improve or maintain a strong immune system. For this reason, we could use it as a natural antidepressant.

Also, maca is considered a beneficial plant for female health, since it acts as a hormonal regulator that helps in many complications related to menstruation, such as pain or amenorrhea. Also in other stages of life, such as menopause, it can be an ally to alleviate symptoms and strengthen bones. Its uses as a beauty remedy for skin and hair also stand out.

How to take maca?

We can consume maca in powder, in capsules or, we can even prepare it at home ourselves from the root - for this, we will simply have to wash and boil it, although in this way its taste will be more bitter. But above all, we must know in what quantities its consumption is recommended.

If we want to add it to the powdered diet, we must mix one or two tablespoons in a liquid drink - either warm water (in this way, we also prevent constipation), fruit juice or milk or yogurt. Preferably in the morning for its energizing power. In the case of preferring to consume it in capsules, depending on the person, we can talk about 3-4 a day. However, we must inform ourselves well before taking it, since, in people with hypertension or autoimmune diseases, it can have a detrimental effect due to over excitation.

If you are one of those who suffer the collateral effects of spring, such as fatigue and apathy, nutrition experts recommend eating a softer, less caloric diet to facilitate digestion and incorporating fresh foods rich in antioxidants and vitamin C into our dishes, such as fruits and vegetables (citrus, kiwi, pepper), and fish with omega 3, such as salmon. But you should not do without complex carbohydrates: whole grains, potatoes, vegetables; since they provide you with the energy that your brain needs. We also help other 'superfoods' like kale, the ginger, and boldo, and without forgetting the most important meal of the day, a complete and healthy breakfast.

Health benefits of Maca

Maca has gained considerable reputation, but we all know they can be misleading. That is why Maca may have been introduced to help memory and concentration, reduce the size of the prostate, and increase muscle and strength for health benefits, but it would be best to wait to see what science will confirm at present. There is no evidence in, for example, that L. meyenii can help keep you on more muscle. And its claimed benefits for cognition and prostate health are only animal studies as evidence. But here we know about herbal supplements and what it can do in humans.

product review
Linda DeCann
Linda DeCann
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