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Lucid Dreaming

by writtenwithlove❤️ about a month ago in health

The Ultimate World of Fantasy is Awaiting You

Lucid Dreaming
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"Tell us what is the best fantasy world out there" asked Vocal.

"Are they ready for it? Do they really want to know the answer to that? " she mused.

The girl thought it over and over. She knew they were seeking a fantasy story, a fairytale. Something created within the imagination of another and already published for the world to see. They were asking for a movie recommendation or a comic book story - not some crazy answer about 'real' life from the depths of her philosophical mind.

But, then again, perhaps they were. Perhaps the Vocal member who came up with this challenge was in fact divinely inspired to ask this question. It is said there is no such thing as a coincidence and the more she had attuned to the absolute interconnectedness of everything, the more she realised how true this was. Perhaps this was her opportunity to shine and share one of the most incredible discoveries she had made in her 33rd year.

From the youngest age she had always known there was more to life than the illusion sold to her. She read stories of people who could move objects with their minds and she was told it was nonsense. She watched cartoons about heroes with superhuman strength and she was told it was nonsense. She watched hypnosis on television and was told it was nonsense. Television shows would make a mockery of people who claimed to see ghosts or aliens. Mystic Meg was a national joke. The ancient and incredible study of astrology was rubbished in newspapers to a generalised "you will find good fortune today Scorpio", or "you should be careful with money", brainwashing the masses to believe it is all nonsense. Everything mystical and magical that she was ever drawn to was declared nonsense by all those around her. Yet somehow, somewhere deep within her, she had always held onto her belief in the supernatural.

Parents seemed to go out of their way to destroy a child's belief in the magical and mystical. They make up lies about magical beings , only to later crush the child with the mocking announcement that Santa is really mum and dad and the tooth fairy is another lie. The damage this inflicts is seriously underrated. What is meant to be 'harmless fun' is actually systematically destroying a child's belief in magic. It instills that to believe in magic is childish and stupid, something only a young child could be foolish enough to believe and that the world was instead matter of fact. Only what we can see, hear, smell, touch and taste exists.

Why is this so very damaging you ask? The girl wondered if she was capable of helping them to understand that what a person believes, becomes. She tried to imagine telling her younger self this. Someone who hadn't seen and experienced what she had. Someone even more sceptical and disbelieving. Could she draw upon the right collection of stories to convey this very important message?

As she poured the hot water into her yellow ceramic mug, she pondered how to best convey what was in her mind. Should she illustrate to them that we cannot see, hear, smell or touch thoughts - but we know they exist? Gravity is also invisible to the sense organs, but it is there. We could look at a single seed matter of factly; measure it, probe it, test what its chemical structure composes of, record all of this and say that is what it is; and yet none of that would explain the magic of life that is inside it and runs through it. The majority of us cannot see, hear, smell, touch or taste the magical energy that will transform that seed into a blooming lotus flower, or a sunflower taller than we stand. How much information and memory exists within this tiny, seeminly insignificant seed. It already is coded with knowledge of how to grow, how to form a stem, leaves, flowers etc and how to repair itself if damaged. Is that not proof enough that there is more to life than what we experience through our 5 basic sense organs?

Perhaps to draw the same point with a baby? The magic within that. It was almost as if people saw babies and plants and seeds so commonly, that they forgot how absolutely incredible it is that we exist, that they exist, the why's and the how's of the most incredible and magical experiece of all; life. What of the fact that the sun (150 million kilometers from earth) and the (384,400 km from earth) moon's gravitational pulls are responsible for moving approximately 1,450,000,000,000,000,000 short tons of water every single day? I mean, is that not proof of magic beyond our senses?

She thought about asking them to think of their own lives. Of any belief they ever held, and how it came to be true. Believe that you can? Believe that you cant? You are absolutely correct. It will come to pass. Self fulfilling prophecy is very real. But would it be strong enough for them to see? Likely not. She considered one of the strongest evidences of all - the placebo effect. Countless evidence of people given nothing more than a sugar pill but told it would take away their pain, or heal their ailments - and it does. The stories of healing by placebo are absolutely magical and extraordinary. Anyone who ever uses the word "just" in reference to the placebo effect does not understand it at all.

She considered telling them the story of Karma, her beautiful Norwegian Forest cat who had become deathly ill, with her white blood cell count down to a terrifying 4 (life threatening) and a vet telling her there was nothing he could do for her. The girl was not ready to let her beloved and only friend in the world die. She took her baby home, laid her on her chest and sent every bit of love and belief that she could generate into her dying cat.

Karma woke up 8 hours later. She began eating again. Eating, sleeping on me, eating and so on. Two repeated days later the girl returned to the vet. He could not believe this was the same cat. Really. Karma's blood levels were in normal range and she was healthy. Healthy. A cat that he had condemned to death went on to live for 2 more years with this rare blood disorder she had. She died at a time when the stress levels in the house were extremely high and the girl was enduring a difficult and toxic divorce. The girl was never quite sure whether it was her love or her belief that allowed karma to heal and live so long, but what she did know from deep within, was that she had affected the outcome.

She thought again. Would that be enough? Probably not. What about all of the patients she had met in the hospitals when training as a mental health nurse? She saw so many patterns of disease and ill health. It was clear that the commonality between all patients was a blend of fear, trauma, poor self care and negative thought patterns. There was no exception to this rule. From the cancer wards, to cardiology, to dermatology, to IPCU (Intensive Psychiatric Care Unit), dementia wards and so on. The patterns even applied to the health of the staff she worked alongside.

Healing was being attempted by overworked, depleted staff who's main job was to dispense pills and chart physiological parameters for patients. Did this system work? Of course not. The girl sat in on meetings where the hospitals clinical psychiatrist played with his phone whilst distractedly telling a 20 year old she would be on medication for the rest of her life. She heard another tell patient families whose love one had a dementia diagnosis, that it was degenerative and that there was nothing they could do. That was at the same time the girl was reading Pelzer's "The End of Alzheimers" book which stated the exact opposite. Everything we do matters. One woman in that book got to the point of not recalling where she lived or where light swtiches were in her home. The PHD doctor reverser this and she now has cognitive function regained and stronger than she had previously. The girl recalled her very own best friend was told she had an inoperable, aggressive tumour in her nose that would kill her (it didn't - she is now pregnant with her first child and so far from that day the hospital told her she would die within the year). People were coming to hospital to have their faith renewed and were instead having it murdered by well intentioned and 'realistic' doctors of medicine.

The girl knew she had been born a healer. She knew what she was on this earth to do. She could see the worlds many problems and feel the endless sufferings of the people in it. She had spent a lifetime gathering the why's of illness and disease. It had led her on a fascinating journey, through the darkness of her internal battles and struggles towards the light of healing. She had learned Reiki. She had travelled India in search of answers. She meditated at temples. She ate a vegan diet. She tried all types of exercises. She studied Ayurvedic and plant medicines in Sri Lanka. She looked for the quickest and most powerful ways to offer others. How to fast track their healing and thus help them out of suffering. What was the "magic pill" that would create instant healing within them? Was there one? Could it be that there was a universal healing practice that all could access?


The most profound method for activating the body's healing is without a doubt the power of belief.

More important than any pill, any diet, anything at all - is there MUST be a belief in the body's ability to heal. This must be deep, at the core of a persons belief structure. The medicine for strengthening this belief is everywhere. It is in the life stories of others who have experience 'miracles' or lived extraordinary lives. Belief is the magical ingredient that can change a persons reality. Remember earlier when I explained why crushing a child's ability to believe is so very damaging? I hope that it is becoming much clearer as to why.

Let me explain further. Imagine you have injured your shoulder.

1. You believe the doctor can help you. You go visit the doctor and you are given an exercise to do that you are told will help your shoulder injury. He tells you stories of other people who used this technique and healed within a timeframe. He shows you a diagram of the shoulder, why the problem occurred and how it will heal. You leave happy and in a positive frame of mind, believing it will work. You practice the technique. It works.

2. You find online an article about your shoulder injury online. You see a diagram of the shoulder, why the problem occurred and how it will heal. You are sceptical but decide to give it a go. You tell your friend and she says that shoulder injuries like yours never fully heal. You feel deflated somewhat. You decide to still attempt the exercise but you don't feel any progress being made. This reinforces your friend's words and your mind stops believing it can heal. Practicing the technique does not work.

This is is the power of your mind. The limiting beliefs you hold directly impact the body. There is an excellent story of a famous NFL football player who was hypnotised to believe a paperweight weighed 400 lbs. He strained and tried with all his might but could not lift the paperweight, which in fact weighed around 3 kg. Testing of his muscles indicated maximum strain when he attempted to lift this, yet he could not. The power of his MIND was working against his physical ability. This is just one story of thousands of examples.

There were so many stories to choose from. It was hard to pick the best one. Would people believe? Would they read with an open mind? Or would they reject this, she wondered. She wanted so badly to empower people. To help them unlock their true potential and health. She wanted it so much that it was hard to know where to begin constructively passing on her knowledge. After all, there was so much out there online these days. People were distrustful of information, especially from some random stranger on the internet. Why would they believe her?

She took a sip of her tulsi green tea and exhaled her tension. She knew deep down that truth always resonated differently with people. It carried an energy of its own that could pierce even the most sceptical heart. She understood the power of her genuine love and words of guidance. All she needed to do was convey this, and point people into a direction. This would naturally trigger their curiosity and begin them on their own quest to research for themselves, just as she had. They would begin to catch themselves thinking limiting thoughts and replacing them with positive ones instead. As they replaced those beliefs, they would see outcomes change. This would in turn strengthen their understanding of their power to create their reality. And this in turn would allow them access to the best fantasy world out there;


I am sure you have likely guessed that the girl in the story is me. If not, allow me to lift the veil of illusion and greet you :) So, I can stop my third person perspective musings and talk to you directly.... it will save me some time!

Until recently I had no idea that I could become consciously aware and 'awake' within my dreams. This experience has been mind blowing! I have Charlie Morley to thank for unlocking this ability within me. Charlie is a bestselling author (4 books translated into 15 languages), Mindvalley coach and teacher of Lucid Dreaming. He has run retreats and workshops across the world and in 2018 was awarded a Winston Churchill Fellowship Grant to research PTSD treatment in Military Veterans. He has lectured at Cambridge and Oxford Universities and worked with the Military of Defence. His work is transformational and life changing, especially with trauma victims. There is not a being on this earth unaffected by trauma which is why this work is so very important.

I listened to one of Charlie's lectures in bed with over ear headphones on. The lecture talked of waking yourself up deliberately through the night. I then put on one of his meditations and fell to sleep. Because of the headphones still being on, I drifted in and out of consciousness, not sleeping as soundly as usual. In the morning I woke up with sunrise, still tired. I decided to brush my teeth and get back into bed, removing the headphones and falling to sleep quickly. This is when I experienced my first ever (what Charlie calls) pre-Lucid dream. I had won a ticket on Virgin's Space Flight and was about to board. Suddenly my mind recognised I was dreaming. It was like a lightbulb going on in my awareness. I vividly recall the feeling and the realisation that I was dreaming. Excited, I decided to board the spacecraft. As I am putting on my seatbelt, Matthew McConaughey boards and sits in the seat behind me. I remember thinking wow. This is crazy.

I should probably tell you - the setting is not random. I have been working on transforming my own limiting beliefs and expanding what I believe is possible within my life. Mindvalley coach Vishen Lakhiani guided a mediation I followed that suggested really thinking big. Really big. So I decided to add to my list of desired experiences "I want to go to space". I have also seen a recent speech by Matthew McConaughey and was really inspired by it. It seems unsurprising that a recent source of inspiration & good energy was literally behind me on this aircraft taking me a step closer to my highest reaching goal. The symbolism of this does not escape me.

So, I'm on this plane going to space.

Fully conscious. And if I'm honest, I didn't really know what to do with my being conscious within this dream. I didnt know what I could do or how to direct my dream. I hadn't yet learned and lacked the creativity on the spot. After all - I had only watched one of Charlie's lectures and hadnt planned to fall into a lucid dream! It turns out planning is a major part of Lucid Dreaming.

So the plane is heading for a wall and tries to turn. I can see that it will not make the turn - it is on trajectory for a crash and I don't know what to do. I close my eyes and brace myself, wondering if I will be hurt. As I open my eyes, I see the plane has indeed met with the wall, but there is no crash, the plane is still turning. There is like this merging of the forcefield between the wall and the plane - it looks like something fitting within the Matrix. I suddenly go from a state of fear to being flooded with excitement. So much excitement.

The rules of our 'normal' waking reality don't apply here.

It is right then that I wake up. Charlie explains that once the message of the dream has been taken onboard, the dreamer wakes up. It is like a completion of that dream. Waking allows the message of the dream to code deeper into our waking conscious. I spent the entirely of that day listening to Charlie explain the vast possibilities of Lucid Dreaming and absolutely amazing stories of transformation and healing that take place on a physical, emotional and mental level when we make healing our intention within a lucid dream. Other powerful practices include inner child healing, the ability to access all information, the ability to ask for answers to big life questions, life rehearsal (eg. speeches, problem solving, creating art) or to have fun. Charlie talks about having spent his younger days having the most incredible sex or learning to surf within these lucid dreams.

Surpirisingly, from a study of programs used in the training of Olympic Athletes); visualising in preparation for an event (eg. running 100m, ski-ing) is MORE effective than simply practicing in the physical realm.

Isn't this absolutely mind blowing?

Talk about the most exciting and best fantasy world in existence! One in which you can be fully in control of, the director of. One that you can use and manipulate to heal your body in 'real life'. I have never, ever (especially having been a past insomniac who would fight against going to bed frequently and be suffering from a chronic lack of sleep for much of my life) been so excited to get to bed. I am finding myself tucked in with a smile at 10pm, excited for what is to unfold next.

A fantasy world of our own imagination and creation that has a profound and direct impact on our physical reality. The possibilities this opens up are limitless. We sleep for over 1/3 of our lifetime. Imaging harnessing this dream world for our (and the world's) highest good? I hope that you are excited as I am. I hope that you start delving into the HOW TO of Lucid dreaming. I strongly advise you learn from Charlie as there appears to be a lot of information floating out there that he claims is untrue. Given that I had my first Lucid Dream after just one hour of listening to him - I am a encouraging supporter of his work. His credentials also speak volumes.

Now is the time to rediscover your childhood belief in magic.

Now is the time to look beyond this physical hamster wheel of eat, drink, sleep, work, repeat.

Let's start embracing our true potential as human beings, rather than being human's doing. It is no wonder most of us are suffering depression and endless health concerns when we have been falsely led to believe there is nothing more to life than the drudgery of the wheel. Let me tell you - we have limitless potential. We have arely scratched the surface of what we are capable of.

How can this not be the most exciting fantasy world you've ever heard of?!

Much love and happy dreaming!

p.s We burn soooo many calories when we are Lucid Dreaming. This is one of the most effective ways that I have found to lose stubborn weight.



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