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More and more people are becoming health conscious

By Aditya vermaPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Yoga has become a daily routine

Gone are days when after a stressful day at work people will go to restaurants for dinner instead many opt for home cooked food. Our world is changing at fast pace so are the priorities of people. This trend can be seen in the food industry also. More and more people are moving away from fast food to nutritional rich and healthy food. In this stressful and fast-moving life health is everything. Even in US people are becoming more aware and health conscious and moving away from the fast food culture. Studies have indicated people in the age group of 23 to 35 are the most health conscious. Heart diseases are the leading cause of deaths among people in the US. This can be attributed to regular intake of high calorie food mostly fast food. Growing healthcare cost in the US can also be attributed to people adopting a more healthy lifestyle. Healthy food not only makes the body feel light and comfortable but also increases the life expectancy of an individual.

With Internet abundant information is available and people are becoming more aware of the nutritional value of different types of food. Health-conscious consumers seek greener options that address both health and sustainability concerns. Ultimately, they want food that’s better for them and better for the planet as well. Another trend which we are witnessing is going Vegan. Nowadays people are concerned not only about themselves but also about environment. Global meat consumption is declining gradually. There is a shift from animal-based diet to plant-based diet.

Even restaurants are offering healthy food

Nowadays there are health counselors and advisors. People who go to gym have their own trainers who make diet plans for the customers. People are conscious about calorie intake and the amount of exercise needed to keep the body in good shape. One big reason for this health-conscious attitude might be the increasing heart problems among the elderly. So, the people are keeping themselves fit so they don’t have to suffer later on. People are increasing the salads and veggies in their diet and decreasing food like burgers, donuts etc which have been go to food for Americans.

One apple has around 52 calories while an apple pie has around 237 calories but one apple has fat of 0.2 g while an apple pie has fat of 11 g. So even though apple pie seems more good option for energy intake its long-term consumption will result in increasing overall fat content of the body. Pizza and burgers which feel so good to taste have excess amount of fats.

Cut-down on meat products can greatly affect your health. Meat generally gives us more proteins but high protein intake can reduce your hunger which in turn can reduce your immunity. Global meat production releases 3.3 tons of greenhouse gases in atmosphere annually. Meat consumption is responsible for sixth mass extinction. We should not entirely cut down on our meat consumption but at least reduce it.

More and more celebrities are promoting healthy lifestyle by abstaining from drinking and other unhealthy practices and people are following their footsteps. Exercising regularly and maintaining a well-balanced diet have become major priorities for Americans; as a result, consumers are increasingly adjusting their eating habits by emphasizing nutrition and substituting items high in fat, calories or sugar with healthier alternatives. For example, many consumers are opting for alternatives to cow’s milk, such as soy and almond milk, which generally have fewer calories. The demand for these healthy foods is on the rise. More and more people now prefer home cooked meal to eating out and this trend is continuing to grow with more people wanting to live the healthy dream.


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