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Let's Walk This Way

by Mandy Jo about a year ago in fitness
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Walking + Vacation = Walk-ation

It all began in 2002, when I was sitting on the couch watching my young boys, one was not quite a year old and the other was seven. I had that feeling of being too fat and sluggish. How was I going to keep up with these boys? On the television came a local commercial for a run/walk training program. I thought to myself, hey, I can do that. I used to run cross country back in high school. With that I dialed up the number on the screen and signed myself up for the training program.

The training program started up and you received vouchers to be able to participate in some local races for no cost. I was able to meet a lot of people between the program and the races. Everyone was friendly but I really connected with the walkers, plus they were about my speed and a few even passed me by.

In 2003, I decided to become a group leader because I wanted to help others just the way the program had helped me. The previous year I lost weight and gained a better self image and confidence.

Fast forward to the next spring and a walking division was added to the program. I jumped over to the walking program. From this point I only walked any races and trainings. Up until my younger boy started travel basketball I focused on my walking time and pace at races. While he played basketball I continued to coach walker trainees for 10 mile and half marathon distances. These coachings were as a volunteer for someone else’s local program.

A couple years back I decided I wanted to help even more people, thus, I had to go to the drawing board to come up with a plan and program. Talking with a business coach, she helped me decide to put a different twist on what I have to offer.

My ultimate goal is to have what I have termed walk-ations. These are where the trainees train for a half marathon, no matter where they are located, and then go to a race that is not local to them. They will arrive a couple days ahead of the race and stay for a couple days after the race, during which time they will vacation around the area of the race. The price of the program includes the race entry, race shirt, training program, training program shirt, hotel stay, most of the meals and some fun activities. This program is for women that are ready to get away for a fitness vacation with or without a significant other and without any kids. It’s an adults only program and is limited to a small group of 20 people to start. I envision this being bigger with the help of others to have groups of 20 at the same race. These races will take place in all fifty states with my first ones being either in the Rock -n- Roll Running series or Vacation Races series. Part of this program also includes where the significant other or travel friend can participate in the half marathon, a 5K (if available) or just come along as a cheerleader.

My current programs include a variety for those both close to me in proximity and at a distance. For those that are local to me I offer two programs.

The first one is the Walking & Exercise Plus where their walking & exercise plan is customized with accountability. What they receive is the customized walking plan, exercise classes and challenges - OnDemand, a Zoom onboarding call, monthly Zoom coaching calls, weekly in person walks - monday evening or saturday morning - primarily around oakland and macomb counties, private Facebook group, Facebook messenger support, email support - inspirational with schedule, and google sheet of schedule to write daily comments.

The second one is for those that want to join us for the in person walks, but don't want the full program, this is the Walking with Coach Mandy Jo. This program includes Weekly In Person Walks - Monday Evening or Saturday Morning - Primarily Around Oakland and Macomb Counties, Private Facebook group, Facebook messenger support, and email support - Inspirational with Schedule.

Now, for those that are at a distance from me I have these two programs.

My Walking & Exercise program is a customized walking plan, exercise classes and challenges - OnDemand, a Zoom onboarding call, bi-weekly Zoom coaching calls, private Facebook group, Facebook messenger support, email support - inspirational with schedule, and google sheet of schedule to write daily comments.

The second program I have for those at a distance is a 16 week personalized half marathon training program. They receive the customized walking plan, bi-weekly Zoom coaching calls, cross training and stretching, Private Facebook Group, Facebook Messenger support and email support.

My goal is to help as many women as I can to get fit, feel great in their bodies and have fun.


About the author

Mandy Jo

Mandy Jo loves writing fiction and travel. Currently her writings are a fictional story but also a walking training manual; some recipes that she made over Christmas; a mystery series, and a fantasy series.

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