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Learn the Merits of Practicing Callisthenics for Your Fitness Training Regime

Calisthenics can be defined as the name that is given to repetitive exercises that use the body's resistance for increasing flexibility,

By Lauren WilliamsonPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

Calisthenics can be defined as the name that is given to repetitive exercises that use the body's resistance for increasing flexibility, building strength and thereby also burn fat in the process as well.

In this type of process, used by the best personal trainer in the North East, there’s no such involvement of any weights or equipment. Such types of exercises can be performed anywhere where there is a floor and there’s also enough space to move around as well. There’s no denying that the benefits of Calisthenics are indeed quite wide-reaching, to say the least.

The Essential Benefits To Know About Calisthenics

1. Improve Muscle Strength

Calisthenics is the only way you can build easy muscle strength and mass without any use of rigorous weights. The process might not be suitable for hardcore bodybuilders but for normal people, this is the perfect way to improve your fitness.

With the help of Calisthenics, a reasonable amount of muscle mass will be created and the user will be able to maintain it as well. For beginners, this is indeed a great way to avoid following any hardcore fitness regimes. Furthermore, one of the major benefits of carrying out Calisthenic exercises is that your muscles will not be subjected to trauma or tearing, which other types of weight training might inflict.

2. Enhance The Body’s Flexibility

When your muscles get stronger, your body will start to become more flexible. It should be remembered that body flexibility cannot be obtained without the creation of muscle mass and strength.

A strong muscle will have the required strain to contract versus a weak muscle, which will not have the same. Moreover, your body’s muscles will be able to contract and relax with more ease. There’s no better way to improve your body’s flexibility in such a short moment than Calisthenics.

3. Increase Muscle Endurance

With the help of circuit training in Calisthenics, you'll have to perform as many repetitions of a particular exercise as possible, without getting fatigued or resting. If you can perform these exercises regularly and allow your muscles to heal overnight, you'll be able to improve your muscle endurance greatly. Repetitions should be performed until your body achieves fatigue.

When Calisthenics is performed evenly within all the types of muscle groups in your body, endurance will increase in the same manner, including of the cardio-vascular system.

4. Help In Weight Loss

By practising Calisthenics, you'll be able to burn your fat in two different ways - first is building muscle mass and strength. The increased muscle mass will lead to the increased metabolic activity of your body, which will in-turn help in burning more calories in the process.

Calisthenics also lead to an increase in your heart rate, which will constitute as an aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercises are one of the most effective ways to burn fat off your body.

5. Help In Improving Functionality And Coordination Between Various Parts Of The Body

Calisthenics is the only practical and functional way of exercising format which allows our body to perform the exercise the way it’s meant to be. The human body is designed in such a manner that it was not made for the body parts to function in isolation.

Yet, most of the equipment present at the gym precisely performs this activity - where each equipment focuses on one body part of a human being. The outcome is that often people who have stiff or lesser flexibility have zero coordination between the muscles.

On the other hand, Calisthenics helps in allowing the muscles to work together. For instance, doing push-ups include your triceps, deltoids, pectorals, abdominals, thighs, lower back, glutes, hamstrings and also the calf muscles.


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