Kundalini Yoga Life

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Making a Daily Practice

Kundalini Yoga Life

During your first kundalini yoga class, you might have an amazing experience, you might not. You may find you have life-altering new awareness, or you may just become present with how mundane you see the world.

Ultimately when we do our practice, we can find a sense of calm if we bring our heart to the matter. But mostly, you will find people varying in their commitment to what serves their high self. People have a hard time accepting their best self. Their highest destiny is hard to come by. We sleep in, we eat bad, and habits create our life. Bad habits eat up our life. It's not worth the trouble when we can go in a luxury sedan to our destiny with good health and a happy face. Why go in a four door hoopty ride to nowhere in misery when you can travel with purpose? With purpose of character.

We are human, but we require a certain amount of time every day to set our head straight. We wake up, wash our body with cold water, and start by covering our crown. We use cotton materials to cover our body and we sit. This is a practice of self discipline. We must bring ourselves to it, and all things will bring themselves to us. It's a simple act. Nothing complicated. Just sit and meditate, close your eyes, and be with your very own breath of life. Inhale deep and exhale. Tune into your higher consciousness in the early morning hours of the day. Repeat a mantra and do some stretches. It will cleanse your every physical and spiritual body. When you breathe in that twilight hour, you use double nostril. This is a rare time which only happens before death or in the early morning. It's a sacred time to cleanse the subconscious and purify our ego.

  • Step 1. Wake up: Start by opening your eyes in your cupped hands over your eyes as you slowly bring your palms to the ceiling. This will save your eyes and allow them to adjust before starting the day. Begin doing Stretch pose. Women refer this. Men, refer this book for wake up exercises.
  • Step 2. Cold shower: Once you're up, clean your tongue by scraping it with spoon or tongue cleaner. This removes all toxins that were collected by your body overnight. This helps you cleanse your system first thing and prevents bad breath. Oil massage your body with almond or RAW sesame seed oil. Run your body and warm it up. This helps your circulation and relax your muscles. When ready, begin taking a cold shower, starting with the extremities first (hands, feet, arms, legs). Never put your head directly underneath the water. Rub and massage your body under the cold water. This wakes up your nervous system and sends the blood out of the glands to protect the body. This, in turn, allows for a major purification of the glandular system. Keep massaging and rubbing your extremities until you are ready to add your torso. Be sure to massage your arm pits to awaken the nervous system. When your are done, towel off with a cotton cloth, and keep warm. If you wish, cover your self in all white cotton clothes to experience a boost in your auric field.
  • Step 3. Meditate: Drink some water. Tune into the Adi mantra, Ong Nam Guru Dev Namo, three times before beginning your yoga and meditation practice. Prepare your body by doing some simple stretches. Sit in easy pose, on a chair with feet flat on the floor or in rock pose to begin your meditation practice. Chanting a mantra allows you to cleanse your subconscious mind. It makes a negative thought into a positive one. At the end, finish with singing the Long time sunshine song and three Long Sat Nams. Feel free to include a prayer, with folded hands to the Creator, for self and others.

Take your ego and put it on the alter of self discipline and your every problem can be dissolved with the power of prayer, mantra, and healthy living. Life will become non-toxic so we can handle our flow of life. It's a simple flow. When you're in the know, you got to go. So now you know. Flow into prosperity with a daily practice of Kundalini Yoga and master your glandular health, your mental health, and your spiritual health.

Sat Nam.

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