Knowing yourself

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Knowing yourself
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Feeling anxiety is constant and on an all-time rise in the modern-day. With a constant connection to live recordings and so much information that gets processed keeps an ongoing thought-like jumping process in the brain. Before just stepping back and taking a look at where you stand, take a second, and listen to what your different body parts are telling you. I feel down, the solution is do something that feels good like biting into a piece of your favorite tastes or revisit an experience that made you feel accomplished. No doubt if it was something memorable it will serve a great purpose into shifting your mindset from a negative, to a neutral, to a positive quite quickly.

Learning about the processes in our bodies has made me feel much less different and awkward. We really aren't that much different than one another. Sure different interactions based on looks and motives to do things of different interests. But overall applied actions within different settings with good timing can lead to more productivity. Is it really worth your time to feel unhappy and worthless? We all are matter but they way we choose to sort our words and provoke positive emotions in others is what will make you matter to someone. How they perceive you will be a factor in how they approach you and their applied energy towards you.

Probably based most likely on their own previous experiences, or what has happened to them in the past or the type of information the group shares. Really it is not much more than how they feel in the moment including what they're thinking about, how those thoughts come at you in the form of words is probably just their body systems trying to get to a calm form of homeostasis.

But when someone has introduced a new drug the body senses can be changed, pharmaceutically makes sense to try and alleviate these symptoms but really only temporarily shift it to be in a different mood/feeling or a safer sense. Sometimes it is necessary to intervene to provide further time for an organism. If it provides a positive shift in balance I don't really see the harm in it. Sometimes just knowing your cells are trying to put you in a safe space is all you need for a cure to your anxiety. By just simply not moving and sitting still is the ultimate goal of cell balance but averting your attention to things that make you feel good once there will strengthen your cells and form habits where you start doing them without even thinking about it.

It just gets under my skin when people live their whole lives trying to force their way of life on to your actions. For example I've heard so many times to close the shower curtain from so many different people because it provides a place for mold to divide and multiply. Yes they're trying to help but I have eyes too and also know a solution to this problem. It's not going to change the fact that, the shower curtain is going to be needing replacement eventually anyway. The time it's taken for people to tell me this I have chosen to attack the problem at the source and bought a new curtain when need replacing and just ignore them. Although a small problem, people attack big problems in a very similar way. It's kind of annoying dealing with people who feel they always know the only answer to a problem. While organisms all have a sense of how they find a solution to something, most just have priorities in different areas. One thing in common is the cells are always adjusting to your comfort and survival on the microscale that eventually leads to big actions.

Using time to make life more comfortable will make goals much smaller and make small accomplishments feel much bigger. Like having a billionaire dollars. Not that big of a goal when you are in a position to raise prices on your products when it is an addictive product. Sure if you believe in a product you sell but if it is just a trend like automobiles the only problem you're really solving is changing your environment quicker which is just your cells trying to get to homeostasis. Plus I find bicycling, running, and walking provide a much more satisfying feeling knowing I'm not losing a sense of self-worth in my appearance and the joy in the journey.

Marcus Azaria
Marcus Azaria
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