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It's time to let it go...

by M Black about a year ago in body
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Self-esteem does matter


All over the internet we have viewed this out of place, ill-proportioned, physical anomaly of a trend. They have been thrust in our vision on the street, taken over our news feeds, and have had challenges on Tik Tok referencing them. The time has come for it to end. What am I referring to you ask? Well, enhanced, fake rear ends of course.

For a few years now, the massive, disproportionate buttocks have been a hot topic as well as a hot button for many people. This trend is somewhat of a hot button for me because of the danger it causes people. No, it is none of my business if someone wants to voluntarily bring harm to themselves, however, this affects young people in a major way. I get that some people need to have cosmetic surgery or enhancement on their backside for medical purposes. However, not many people need rump alterations for medical reasons. For the most part, people are getting butt injections in hotel rooms and shady back offices at a discount because they want to “look good” or attract a potential goldmine of a mate, which in turn devastates the self-esteem of young people.

Young people are looking at celebs and influencers everyday and dreaming of having their lives and or their bodies. They like the attention they feel these celebs and influencers get because of their body. They see the attention as a form of social wealth and a way to raise their worth in the public eye. Although this is not the case, celebrities and influencers make it appear this way. Adding to the perception of the perceived social wealth are other public figures and followers that give these people status, attention, and money based on the changes in appearance and enhancements. Far too long society has pushed the agenda that you are not good enough if you do not have a certain, aesthetic look about yourself. This has been the push behind all the cosmetic and dieting companies a plenty in this world. If society keeps telling people they are not enough, this allows these self-esteem gulping, money grabbing companies to swoop in and take advantage of anyone that feels less than. It is so important to catch people when they are young and make them believe they are beautiful and to feel beautiful as much as possible. This way, they may not fall victim to the cycle of craving change in their appearance to fulfill societies ideal of what they should look and feel like.

In a perfect world, people would be happy with themselves and their natural physical attributes. Being positive about your own looks and body can do wonders for self-esteem and joy in a person’s life. If society could stop body shaming everyone, especially these young, impressionable children and young adults, maybe we could have a more positive society with people ecstatic about their own bodies and lives. We must continue to let them know they are fine the way they are originally created in this world and whatever appearance they may have molded into. Individuals need to know that just because someone else has a bigger bottom or larger breasts does not make them any less attractive or important. They too can be a potential star in society without the enhancements. If nothing else, people need to know that flaws are not a death sentence or a reason to be thrown into the wind and forgotten about. For years, we have been fighting this. It is past time to get it right. Let us figure out a better way of making people feel that they are accepted, imperfections and all.

Picture credited to Renee (Pictured) & New York Daily News (February 12th, 2013 )


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