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Is it still taboo to talk about The Universe?

by Nati Saednejad 8 days ago in spirituality

Has spirituality truly become mainstream, or is it still somewhat of a sideshow circus attraction?

Is it still taboo to talk about The Universe?
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As a millennial, I pride my generation on being one filled with open-minded freethinkers. We challenge outdated mind-frames, deconstruct archaic institutions, and fight to change all that is oppressive, prejudiced, and silencing to our ways of thinking and existing. I'm proud to belong to this generation.

So why, then, if all of the above is true, do I still hesitate to express my spirituality in its deepest form to those around me? Why do I still fear that I'll be ridiculed if I tell my friends about my conversations with my Guides, about the places meditation takes me, about the power of energy healing?

Spirituality has certainly gained more exposure amongst my generation, especially over the last year, where the pandemic saw us stuck at home with nothing much more to do than think and ponder. As our collective mental health took a beating, social media became filled with mindfulness tips, mental health advice, and meditation mantras, all of which fall under the umbrella of spirituality.

Whilst it was fantastic to see increased awareness of spiritual practice, and I certainly felt more comfortable sharing the benefits I've seen from daily meditation, I still held back on delving deeper into my spirituality, scared that my friends and family would think I had totally, and irrevocably, lost my marbles.

But why is this the case? Sure, we could point fingers and say that famous faces such as Gwyneth Paltrow and her jade vaginal eggs have given spirituality a bad reputation that's on the wrong side of zany, but I don't think that's the full story. It could just be that, like every generation, us millennials are populated by a healthy amount of sceptics, but again, I reckon there's more to it.

As a generation that has been party to a recession, a cut-throat job market, a property ladder that's impossible to climb, and now a pandemic, we are wary of anything that is not concrete. We worry about putting our faith in established institutions, let alone something as seemingly abstract as 'The Universe' or the concept of 'spirituality'.

For those of us who do put store in spiritual practice, after 12 months of being separated from those around us, it may be difficult for us to share our deeper musings about spirituality, for fear we'll push away those who are already physically far from us. Humans, after all, have an instinctual need to feel accepted by the community around them, and anything that may cause them to become an outcast can spark fear.

This then ties in with vulnerability, and the strength it takes to open up certain parts of yourself to outside inspection. Perhaps my trepidation around truly expressing every aspect of my spiritual self comes down to an aversion to being truly open, honest, and raw. As someone who was bullied in her school years, for simply being herself, and for being 'different', perhaps those scars still smart every time I'm about to put my whole being into the spotlight.

Paradoxically, though, stepping further into my spirituality is what will help, and is helping, me to feel brave enough to face the opinions of others. Creating an Instagram account dedicated to my spiritual practice, and connecting with like-minded people, has given me an outlet where I can be completely frank and transparent about everything from the power of crystals to the conversations I have with my tarot cards.

This, in conjunction with daily practice, has allowed me to not only strengthen my spirituality, but also to strengthen my backbone when it comes to sharing it with those closest to me. Not everyone will understand my journey, some may think I'm mad, but if I'm not living my life as the fullest expression of who I am, then the only person losing out is myself. No longer will my spirituality be something I whisper about in the shadows, but it will be the energy that allows me to be the best version of myself, both for me and for those around me.

Nati Saednejad
Nati Saednejad
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