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Is it good to take turmeric everyday?Benefits, uses and harms of turmeric

Turmeric was first discovered in India. In India, turmeric was used as a medicine in ancient times, but when the Mughals came to India, it was used as a spice. The benefits of turmeric are many and science has also accepted that it is very difficult to find the medicinal properties of turmeric in any other food item, due to which the whole world is using turmeric in many ways today.

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So read this article till the end because incomplete information is not good for healthy.

What is turmeric?

Turmeric is called Turmeric in English and turmeric is a plant that belongs to the ginger family. The scientific name of turmeric is Curcuma longa; It looks like ginger. It is widely used in powder form all over the world. Not only in India but all over the world, turmeric is very famous as a spice and it is difficult to imagine any vegetable or non-veg dish without turmeric.

Let us know what are the benefits of turmeric for you-

benefits of turmeric

1. Increase Immunity – If the body is to be healthy, then it is very important to have a strong immune system. According to a research, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory agents are found in turmeric, which increase white blood cells in the blood and due to this the immunity of the body increases.

2. Digestive system – Many times the digestive system gets weakened due to wrong eating and wrong lifestyle, in such a situation, the anti-inflammatory elements present in turmeric and curcumin heal the digestive system, as well as the amount of anti-oxidants is also found in turmeric which helps in digestion. Protects you from ulcers.

3. Protect from Alzheimer's - In a research it was revealed that as the age of a person starts crossing 60-65 years, and the person starts reducing the use of his brain, then gradually he gets a dangerous disease like Alzheimer's. . Alzheimer's is a disease in which the brain begins to weaken and shrink, due to which the ability of a person to think, understand and remember is reduced very rapidly. Curcumin found in turmeric has some properties that can protect you from Alzheimer's.

4. Arthritis – According to a research, turmeric is very beneficial in arthritis. In a research conducted at Harvard Medical School, 139 people had knee pain or joint pain, which is a type of arthritis, those people were given 500 mg of turmeric three times a day for 1 month and after 1 month their There was a lot of relief in the pain of arthritis, which proves that if people suffering from arthritis start consuming turmeric daily in the right amount, then their problem of arthritis will definitely be reduced.

5. Heal the wound quickly - In ancient times, whenever someone suffered a major injury in India, no cream was applied on it, but turmeric paste was applied on that wound, according to a research, turmeric has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Has antiseptic properties that help in quick wound healing.

6. Pain reliever – Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and it has been revealed in many researches that anti-inflammatory properties are a type of pain killer which helps in reducing any type of pain. If you have pain in the body or there is pain in the muscles, then you should consume 500 mg of turmeric thrice a day, in a few days your pain will decrease very fast.

7. Cough – Turmeric has been used in Ayurveda for many years as a cough medicine, in fact, turmeric has a warming effect, which helps in reducing or curing cough, not only this, the anti-inflammatory elements present in turmeric help to remove the lungs. It is also considered very effective in related infections and diseases like asthma. People who have weak lungs or are suffering from any disease, they must take turmeric.

8. Beneficial in periods - Many women have unbearable pain and abdominal cramps during periods, so if women start consuming turmeric twice a day, then the anti-inflammatory element present in it reduces the pain very fast. For this, consuming turmeric milk is most beneficial for women.

9. Benefits of Turmeric in Depression – The kind of lifestyle people have, depression is coming very easily in people and depression is a dangerous thing, it is known from the fact that many people commit suicide due to depression. Huh. According to a research, anti-anxiety properties are found in turmeric which helps in fighting depression, so people who suffer from depression must drink turmeric milk daily.

10. Benefits of Turmeric for Heart – Turmeric, which contains an element called curcumin, also has Cardio protective properties. One study found that people who have had bypass surgery, if turmeric is consumed regularly, then their risk of having a heart attack again is reduced to a great extent.

11. Prevents increasing weight – It has been revealed in many researches that turmeric helps in controlling the metabolism of the body, due to which it helps in preventing the increasing body weight, not only this, due to the consumption of turmeric, the amount of cortisol in the body It also starts decreasing, due to which your weight is increasing due to hormonal imbalance, then your weight does not increase.

12. Benefits of turmeric in diabetes – According to a research, anti-diabetic properties are present in turmeric and in the same research it was also ensured that if a diabetic patient consumes 12 grams of turmeric daily, then his diabetes can be kept under control. However, if you are taking diabetes medicine, then do not leave it at all.

13. Cancer – As a result of many research, it has been revealed that turmeric contains curcumin element which has anti-cancer and antineoplastic properties which helps the body in destroying cancer cells. It is believed that regular consumption of turmeric reduces the risk of prostate cancer, breast cancer and lung cancer to a great extent, although if someone has been diagnosed with cancer, he needs medical treatment. Consumption of turmeric does not cure cancer. can be done.

benefits of turmeric for skin

1. If you have the problem of acne and pimples, then you should not only take turmeric, but you should also apply turmeric paste on your skin, due to the effect of turmeric, acne starts to heal.

2. Improve complexion – You must have seen the use of turmeric in many beauty products, this is because turmeric is also found in antioxidants which removes the top layer of the skin ie dead cells, as well as helps in improving the complexion of the skin. Because of this, in weddings in India, turmeric paste is applied to the bride and groom so that their color can shine even more and they look more beautiful in their wedding.

3. Psoriasis – Psoriasis is a type of skin-related disease in which the skin starts to scab, red rashes start appearing as well as itching, due to which the person's body starts looking very ugly. Turmeric has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-oxidant properties which can cure problems like psoriasis. If turmeric paste is applied on the skin regularly, then turmeric can also cure problems like psoriasis.

Let us now know the uses of turmeric-

1. In India, turmeric is most commonly used as a spice in vegetables.

2. You can also eat it by sprinkling a little turmeric on the salad, it enhances its taste and nutritional value.

3. Turmeric milk is famous all over India, you can drink half teaspoon turmeric mixed in milk at night, it is very beneficial for health.

4. If you are a tea lover, then you can also drink turmeric by adding it to the tea, it enhances the nutritional value of the tea and enhances the taste.

5.If you are fond of drinking soup, then you can also drink turmeric mixed in the soup, it enhances the nutritional and taste of the soup.

6. If you want to apply turmeric paste on your skin, then you can take turmeric powder and mix raw milk or rose water in it and apply it on your skin by making a paste.

Let us know some disadvantages of turmeric

Turmeric is a very potent medicine and no one can deny that, but excessive use of anything will definitely harm you, let us know when turmeric can harm you.

1. If you start consuming more turmeric then you may have the problem of anemia.

2. Turmeric contains Oxalate content, so if you consume more turmeric then you may also have problems with stones.

3.Consuming more turmeric can cause problems like vomiting, diarrhea and nausea.

4. Consuming turmeric in excess can also upset your stomach and cause gas in your stomach.

5. People who are allergic to turmeric should not use turmeric on their skin at all or else they may get rashes on their skin.

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