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Is it better to start with cardio or weights? 

by Luna 9 months ago in advice
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Although strength training is good, cardio is also required.

Is it better to start with cardio or weights? 
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Many people overlook the advantages of cardiovascular exercise.

I'm not opposed to it in the least. Low-impact cardio is something I do every day.

Walking as much as I can counts as cardio for me.

I don't exercise for the physical benefits; instead, I walk for the relaxation and emotional boost that it provides.

I would have given up a long time ago if I were doing it to preserve my physical health.

Aerobic may also make you feel wonderful on the inside, and it can be just as addicting as lifting weights!

When it comes to cardio and muscle growth, we often see people doing considerably more high-intensity exercise than they require.

A few people can get away with it, but if you have trouble gaining muscle, it may not be a smart idea.

It's not the same as performing high-intensity interval training (HIIT) a few times a week.

Working exercise at a high-intensity level on a regular basis raises cortisol levels, weakening your immune system and putting you in danger of losing muscle mass and fat gain (especially around the belly).

This is one type of physical stress that has detrimental implications.

In both positive and poor ways, exercise may be stressful to the body.

When it comes to muscle growth, you don't want to put yourself in this situation.

My advice to you is to dial down on your training when work or home life gets stressful for a period of time so that you can focus on relaxation, healing, and sleep.

Exercising can help you relax, but don't overdo it

Responding to your body will help you keep your muscle mass while also keeping your sanity!

That one is impossible to refute.

Weight training takes precedence over aerobic sessions, in my experience, if you want to grow muscle (and are serious about it).

What's the best way to go about doing it?

Allow me to provide you with an overview of my ideas to assist you.

One: After you've finished lifting weights, do some aerobics.

  • Lifting weights before performing any cardio is a far better alternative.
  • You should save your strength for weightlifting.
  • Cooldown at the end of the exercise by doing some mild gym walk.
  • Intensive cardiac training is unnecessary.
  • The final step is to do some aerobics.

Two: Do aerobics in the evenings and weightlifting in the mornings.

  • Separate your power and cardio training if you are limited on time.
  • To perform cardio, you don't need to go to the gym.
  • You may go for a little stroll whenever it is convenient, whether it is in the afternoon or evening.

Finally, spread out your aerobic exercise throughout the day.

Are you unable to attend a second session due to a lack of time?

  • The best answer is to break up the activity throughout the day by going for walks at lunchtime, taking the stairway rather than the elevator, and getting up and chatting to others rather than using phones and email.
  • What if you walked the extra mile to get a cup of coffee, ate your lunch at your desk, then went for a stroll during your lunch break?
  • This is how I work out during the day to get my aerobic in.

Consider these novel approaches to incorporating extra exercise into your everyday routine.

Do you want to do something but don't have time for weightlifting or aerobic endurance? Why not put yourself to the test by completing a Zener diode workout?

Combine 3 to 5 workouts in a row and execute them without stopping.

After that, just take a 15-second break before starting over.

This is an excellent approach to increase muscular endurance while also increasing your cardiovascular fitness.

It's a powerful fat burner, and you'll receive two advantages with just one workout.

To cut ties to the aerobic and workout monotony, you may do this once a week.

What You Should Know

To make up for your lack of cardio, you don't need to spend a lot of time at the gym. You may instead walk or ride your bike to keep things simple.

If you don't have much time, circuit training might help you relieve tension and gain vitality.

You may construct a training program week by week using these tips while also having fun.

When traveling, these possibilities are fantastic.

Make your objectives a priority and train for them first.


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