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Is celibacy Important ?

by Narleysia Nicolee 2 years ago in sexual wellness
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A Question For Everyone

Celibacy , when you hear the word Celibacy what comes to you?

Celibacy is abstaining from marriage and sexual relations at least That’s what google says.

Celibacy to me is just not doing anything until marriage.

Yet is celibacy important?

Personally I don’t think so. It’s just a choice we make for ourselves. Celibacy is not a necessity and I don’t fault anyone that feels the same or doesn’t. It’s supposed to be a “ free country” here. We should be able to say and feel how we want and believe in what we want to believe in.

Do I practice it ? Yes.

Will I probably change my mind? It’s a high possibility and it’s okay, we change our mind about things every day.

Celibacy is a choice and it can be important to those that really believes in it.

I believe that some people that believe in it and doesn’t all relates to based on their religion , environment, values and beliefs of how they decide officially.

Celibacy throughout the years have became less important because people don’t see it holding much value but end up doing it for personal reasons.

Some people not all people , see sex as a big apart of a relationship as soon as you guys get together or been together for a few months to year it should happen before they ever marry which is called cohabitation, that’s if you call yourself living with them unwed and having sexual experiences with them. Don’t get me wrong again, I’m not against cohabitation. I think it’s a good way to figure out if you can handle being around that person every day and their habits they have.

When it comes to being sexually active For some it is a way for them to feel completely connected to you or know exactly if they like you.

Other people including me,I believe feel it’s just a bonus because I’ll either feel connected to you before it happens or don’t. It’s no need to waste time.

Another thing is Celibacy and Abstinence I think kinda gets confused.

I just want to say Abstinence is basically when you stopped doing something you once were doing before.

For example, I stopped eating meat to because more healthier and feel good about myself or that person who was once a drinker hasn’t drink anything alcoholic in the last five years.

There’s nothing wrong with practicing either one. If it benefits you and matters do it.

To include According to FitNews.com “Americans having “regular” sex has declined from 51 percent in 1996 to just 39 percent today”. Because most don’t really do it often or practicing celibacy.

Overall, It’s no right or wrong okay?

It really isn’t , you should feel what you want and do what you want. Regardless of the situation it’s your life. Celibacy can be looked at in so many ways. For the ones doing it , sex will always be there. Your not missing out by waiting for your person. It may feel tempting and that’s okay it’s other ways around that if you know what I mean if you still want to be celibate. *coughes*. Anywho, for the ones that aren’t celibate don’t feel bad if you do and don’t change because you feel like you done something wrong. You did nothing wrong and shouldn’t be treated any differently. Some do abstinence until they feel ready again or married. Every one is different It’s your choice if you want to change. It’s your choice if you feel that it’s important to you but I believe that people should stop being judged or criticize if they done it or not. People should stop asking and If it was good or bad? Was she worth it or she had nothing ? Was it big or small? She’s weird for not giving it up , He’s a oddball if he didn’t do it. None of It should matter but to some it still does.

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Narleysia Nicolee

just another writer telling a story. 💛🧚🏾‍♀️ Did I tell you though I write poetry and have books out? I also prefer brownies over cake.. Anywhosies Thank you and I hope you enjoy my work since you’re here.

Instagram & Twitter: @justnarleyy

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