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Is Boredom Anger in Disguise

by Anthony Ball 2 years ago in mental health

Understanding, Managing and Releasing Anger

Anger in the modern world has been demonized and given a negative view.

Feeling angry is natural and is a completely normal feeling to have when your feeling under threat. Now, anger is a secondary emotion and the primary emotions that triggers anger are the feeling of fear, sadness, vulnerability and loss of control.

If you don't feel safe with these primary emotions your body might trigger anger, giving you that boost of energy with adrenaline as your body notices that your in 'danger' so needs to ignite the fight or flight nervous system.

What is useful to understand is that the only reason you or someone else are angry is because the feeling of;




>Loss of control

These are the underlying feelings that you need to address not the angry it's self, even though that is the one in your face.

When you get angry it's not the feeling that needs to be suppressed it's how you mange and control the feeling.

>Take a step back

>Take a deep breath

>Remove yourself from the situation (if you have to)

>Reflect on why you are feeling this way

Return and express why you are feeling sad, fearful, vulnerable or lack of control using terms like...I feel like...This made me feel like...I need this from you...I would love you to...

This technique is one way to help manage anger is it about to or does become out of control.


If you, like a lot of people are scared of anger, this may be because you was never taught how to show or manage this emotion in a reasonable manner, you may have been brought up in an environment where anger is only shown through arguments and physical fights with you never feeling safe to express yourself fully. More than likely this would have resulted in suppressing your feeling of anger.

To top this up further if your fearful of showing emotions full stop then what happens?

Your body shuts down, creating numbness or whats known as boredom.

Boredom is a mild form of anger. Here's an easy example;

You book on a course, your super excited and you enter the lecture hall and then the lecturer starts speaking and your like 'what the hell is this? I didn't sign up to this'.

During this situation you are dissatisfied with the outcome (mildly angry), your feeling trapped because your in a lecture hall (loss of control), you have some arousal level because you are in a learning environment so you can't relax, resulting in boredom.

If you have trained your body to shut down during situations where anger is high, it may feel numb or you may feel bored because if you are in a situation where you really should get angry then there are some underlying emotional blockages happening here.

Releasing the emotions

Feeling angry is completely normal and you should express anger in a manged/controlled way. Feeling any emotion is normal in fact and to feel the feeling and go through the feeling is a far healthier way for your body and mind to live.

Breathwork is a great practice to releasing built up emotions, it dives into your subconscious, connecting you back to your self, allowing you to express your emotions in a safe environment and releasing any blockages that may be stored up in you over time.

To sum up, you don't have to be afraid of anger, learn to manage it rather than suppress it, doing this and working through the blockages will reduce the feeling numbness or boredom. Breathwork or any emotional release technique will reconnect you with life and your true purpose, bringing back excitement and joy.

To find out more on breathwork and to have a session either in person or online click here.

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Anthony Ball

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