Intuitive Cognitive Dissonance

Getting in touch with your subtle senses and inner guidance

Intuitive Cognitive Dissonance

What is it?

Hearing/glimpsing intuition or gut vibes and choosing to speak/act/move contrary to the information.

Defiance of subtle senses.


  • Receiving impulses/instructions and ignoring them
  • Not saying what you mean
  • Constantly second guessing yourself
  • Mis-representing yourself
  • Relying on outer/external input for major life decisions
  • Frequently regretting actions/ behaviours/ words spoken
  • Not scheduling priorities
  • You hear ‘don’t eat that/do that/say that’ and you do, eat, say.
  • Putting other people's need before your own
  • Body and mind are exhausted but you’ve made a commitment so you do the thing/ meet the person/ do the task (and achieve nothing/ feel zero satisfaction)
  • Feeling bad vibes from a place/ person but still returning/ effort to justify
  • Knowing something has ended/ changed but you maintain a presence/ pretence

Why would this occur?

Distrust in abilities

  • Not believing the sense/intuitive hits you receive are valid/worth enquiring into/relating to
  • Acting on them has had adverse results
  • Having been shamed/ told you’re wrong for trusting them in the past

Sidenote : You validate it by building a relationship with it/having experiences with it/testing it out.

Fear of

  • Condemnation (for authenticity and expressing self
  • Admitting to/ owing personal responsibility/ authority
  • What it would mean to actually do different things/think different things (who would you be if you made these different decisions)

The potential

Lack of practice

  • Perhaps your subtle sense can’t be explained, so you have no way to validate your experience (you probably have multiple subtle gifts)
  • No-one teaches us this stuff. In fact, we’re told bluntly ‘there’s no such thing’.


There may be an element of mistrust, in that perhaps you trusted your intuition in the past and it led you wrong, so perhaps now there’s doubt, hesitation about following the thread.

You may also hear negativity when aiming to listen to your intuition (or you may hear deprecative thoughts i.e. that’ll never work or you couldn’t possibly pull that off or that just isn’t possible for you). They may be yours, something you heard, or generational beliefs *temporarily* ingrained in your DNA.

As you practice and go deeper, you learn and discover what is yours and what is not.

What is an old fear, an old remark, an old belief.

What is a blatant untruth.

Feel for resonance and feel for calm. Notice the tone of the guidance. Engage in dialogue with it to feel it out. You’ll know what is true by the feel of the message, and soon, you’ll pick up such magic nuances that there will be no way to deny its allegiance to you.

A few ways to recognise your perception style

Everyone is different and your perception style is unique. It’s a completely authentic combination of talents—a blueprint specific to you.

(Which is why it’s so important not to seek external validations. No-one can validate/ corroborate something they haven’t experienced/ can’t comprehend)

You simply decide to be with yourself and lean in to the subtle senses.


  • Visions (overlays/ imprints/ glimpses/ scenarios playing out as a thought or a scene)
  • Straight up answers to your questions (in mental form/audibly/visually)
  • Tone shifts (i.e. pitch alters, drops, changes)
  • Energy variances (weight in the room/ energy becomes tight/ tense)
  • Hearing songs/ overhearing conversations with key messages
  • Seeing colours/ lights / vibrations/ warped perception
  • Physically (i.e. tense in areas of the body, clenching, aversions. Also lightness, openness, physically urged to move/go somewhere)
  • Time warps—feeling like you’re running on a different timeline (you are)
  • Sensing moods
  • Sensing what is this experience and what is a prior experience but current trigger
  • Noticing faux/false thoughts which belong to other people in your energy field

(There are so many more of these, some which can’t be articulated)

How to strengthen/ (self)validate

Like any relationship, establishing trust takes time.

There’s no need to rush the process.

Small changes in a present state, testing the vibes as you go.

You could start by :

  • Honouring commitments to yourself [the repetitive ones you keep making (and maybe breaking)]
  • Following through on intuitive hits just to see the results
  • Noticing why/ what cycles exist and physically feeling where these experiences are held in the body, then consciously shifting that energy/the vibration of the area (with breath from a calm and curious state) (this approaches dealing with emotional blocks from a vibrational-feeling angle, rather than an emotional-feeling angle)


Following some of these nudges may feel counter-intuitive (in the sense that you might typically ACT on things, but your intuition tells you to WAIT, which makes no sense from your physical position/for the outcome you desire about the situation).

This may feel far-out from what you’d usually do, and will likely feel uncomfortable at first (i.e. what do I do with myself then?)

Take your time. It’s a whole different vibration to adjust to.

Feel for resonance.

Consciously decide that you will spend more time relying on your internal wisdom, rather than external influences, just to see how you feel/how different the results are.

Again, building trust takes time.

Don’t rush the process.

Commit to the experience of discovering this innate gift, and believe— believe you are so much more than the limited being you have been told you are. You have so many innate gifts just waiting to be discovered. Trusting your internal energy will ignite you. You’ll begin feeling the magic within first, and then it will manifest around you.


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