Interesting Things I Noticed Once I Began Running.

by Tyler Hall 3 months ago in fitness

Major things I learned once I became active.

Interesting Things I Noticed Once I Began Running.

I first got into running (or is it jogging? I do not know which), in January 2019.

It was a New Years' Resolution which was to become healthier and get in shape. Easier said than done. After all not everyone is able to maintain their New Years' Resolutions once they devise them. However, I decided not to let this trap affect me.

How did I do it? Well, it helps if one is working the night-shift as a security officer at a large distribution center. Secondly, it helps if there are no patrons or workers around. This, added with the long row of storage shelves which doubled as my track, made things much easier for me. Now these are not regular shelves mind you, these are industrial shelves that contain large pallets. I estimate these storage shelves (added with the large gap between them) is about 400 to 500 feet in length.

When I started in 2019, I could barely run down the first row of shelves without tiring out. Yet, after gradually running down those shelves, I built up the endurance to strive further. As of this writing, I am now able to run anywhere between three laps to three and a half laps around those storage shelves.

Along the way, I've noticed many changes in myself once I began running. Here is what they were:

1. I became more happier.

Prior to my runs, if I were asked to rank my happiness rate from a scale to one to ten, I would have been a five at most. While not happy or sad, I would have been swaying back and forth depending on my mood. Once I began to run, that all changed. I became more happier and more outgoing. Plus, my positive outlook increased! In fact, it increased so much that long time friends and even family members noticed! It felt good to be noticed for once. Also, I did not complain about life as much.

2. My running taught me how persistence pays off in the end.

As I said before, when I first began running, it could barely run the entire way. Not to mention how much my legs would hurt and how out of breath I was. Despite the pain, I decided to make the change to increase my running distance and my overall health. Once I kept going, I made the choice to keep going. In the end, it has now become part of my nights at work. So much I get upset when I cannot go on a run! Speaking of that...

3. I learned it was not just talent, but rather consistency that builds skills and abilities.

In every professional sport, we often are in awe at the prowess of the players and their abilities. What we don't normally see was the years of sacrifice and hard work that these people endured for the sake of playing sports for a living. Regardless of who either supported or laughed at them, one thing is for certain: these people woke up every morning and worked toward their desired goal.

Now this is not just limited to sport stars mind you, this also applies to artists, musicians, actors, and countless other fields. While these people had the talent, they nonetheless worked at their chosen field of work. Imagine the artist whom draws or paints the same topic many times to perfect their craft. Or the actor whom works to build up their repertoire of roles in order to land a part. How about the musician whom practices every day and every night to learn the various chords, riffs, and tunes of their music?

All of this was accomplished because people didn't go on talent alone. Rather people were willing to put in the hard work to make it possible.

As the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words. When I started my runs, I was going to make it part of my work nights any way possible. Therefore, I found a right time at 3 A.M. every morning from Tuesday to Friday to ensure I did my morning run. For over a year, I have been doing this and I love the results I am seeing.

While I will never be a professional sports star myself, the fact I am increasing my running abilities for myself is enough for me.

4. Things Take Time.

In my last post, I talked about how it is consistency that makes abilities. Another thing I want to post here is how such abilities also take time. Nothing happens fast over night. For those whom are beginning to run or jog, let it be known it will take time before you are able to run fast. As I said before, it took me over a year before I was able to run three laps. Those whom start out will feel the same way. And this leads into another point I want to make in regards to what I've learned.

5. It's a Never Ending Process.

Running is not something one finishes when they reach a certain level. It is something that sticks with you. Even when it may seem like one may reach a goal in regards to running, it never ends. Those whom are runners are committed to it because they know its never going to end. I say this because the results are worth it.

In closing, while its been a year, I still consider myself a beginner. There is so much I need to learn and so much left to do. I am no expert on the matter and would gladly accept any advice given. After all, if I knew everything, what could I learn? Therefore, I seek to increase my knowledge and to see if I can run farther today than I did yesterday.

Not bad for a guy whom was voted Least Athletic in High School!

Tyler Hall
Tyler Hall
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