Inner Pieces

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Walking the talk

Inner Pieces

Slamming the door, she trapped the belt buckle. “Damn." Another minute wasted before graunching into gear and making a foot to the floor takeoff.

Classic radio songs blared out, calming and refocusing her. Two stop lights, three give-ways, and a couple of toots later she arrived.

Coasting quietly into the last car park, her feet hit the ground running. At least until she looked down at her clothes and returned for the “emergency kit” she kept in the car. Ruffling through it she found some black tights, a T-shirt, and yes, some deodorant. Phew!

Striding up to the door she was greeted and ushered into the library immediately, but was amazed to register a circle of downcast faces.

In contrast to her peaceful manner and clothing Shana’s face spoke of confusion and apologies. “They usually leave the meeting door unlocked. I do not have a key to it.” Behind her waddled the cluster of homeless ducks, looking to her for the path to follow.

Lil glanced around. Nodded to familiar faces. And smiled shyly at the others. Clutching her spare clothes bag she tried the toilet door. Hooray -unlocked. Only when she shut the door did she realise the light wasn’t working. Two choices- getting dressed in total darkness or leaving the door ajar. She alternated between the two. She felt for tags for clues as to front and back, hoping at least she was decent before she opened the door for further light to see in the mirror. Struck by how ridiculous it was her face relaxed into a grin, then a full smile. At least it wasn’t inside out or back to front. Hey, she’d done okay!

Still smiling she greeted the group in different clothing, only to realise they were so wrapped up in their own dramas no one had even noticed her comedy act. She probably could have left the door open.

Beside Shana stood another woman, similarly clothed in white, and sporting a peaceful aura. Lil approached them.

The group turned towards her. Like a class waiting to be dismissed. Shana sensed this and spoke out. “I just live down the road. You’re welcome at my house.”

The mood changed. Became more intimate and welcoming. Instead of just another teacher saying—I did my job, someone else stuffed up, and walking away Shana was inviting a band of unknowns into her own home.

Blurting out an address she offered to meet them there after locking up. The collection of strangers walked together to their cars, forming a convoy through the quiet back streets to their destination.

Within minutes Shana’s car pulled up and her and Marjorie glided to the houses front door, opening it and ushering them in. Pulling her shoes off Lil glanced around.

Her eyes took in the centrepiece—a point of light poster spot lit in the lounge. Unobtrusively a powerful stereo completed the setup. Casual cane furniture beckoned, as it was quickly rearranged to cater for the group. Devoid of clutter, simple, natural, and beautiful the room welcomed them in, like a comfy cave offering peace and shelter. Worries were discarded with their shoes at the door and again operating as one the group sighed, breathed in the atmosphere and relaxed.

Pure delicate notes issued from the speakers as a soothing voice comforted and guided them through a relaxation. The silence sang a song of peace signalling time to return to the present. Each individual slowly and reluctantly returned to the room.

Shana’s face glowed. “We are all points of light, strong and powerful, only wearing the costumes of this world. Using our gifts and tapping in to the eternal power source we journey towards our goal of peace, happiness and bliss.”

Skeptically, Lil glanced around her. The talking continued, with all contributing, agreeing or challenging, offering hope and insights. With eyes focused and passionate there was no talk of the trivial everyday matters—it was instead a gathering of souls.

Shana’s husband arrived offering healthy natural food, no sign of offence at the unexpected intrusion and a kind friendly face.

“It’s for real,” Lil muttered to herself. They weren’t selling a 50 minute session designed to halt stress, gather strength and then push them back out into the hectic life.

Instead they believed and lived an alternative lifestyle. One of being rather than doing. Yet reinforced with right words, right thoughts, right actions. By changing their inner world it became reflected in their surrounds, becoming the change they wanted in the world.

Lil’s head ached at the contrast to all she had been taught and experienced.

She would definitely need to look further into this.

Coralie Sickmann
Coralie Sickmann
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