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Importance of fitness training in the Post-COVID era


By Betty J. DennistonPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Health and exercise are more crucial than ever in the post-COVID era, not only to prevent inactive lifestyles but to support our emotional well-being during isolation.

After COVID, we are eschewing the notion of exercising and staying healthy just to look nice on Instagram. No matter the age or level of fitness, people’s happiness and health are more crucial. Growing from health clubs to health hubs is a fantastic opportunity for everyone in the fitness sector to expand.

In the post-pandemic era, remote working is the new normal. It brings with it its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Another health problem is developing as we become more stationary and less mobile than we were before the pandemic, despite our continued efforts to flatten the coronavirus curve by putting in place various preventative measures. Our whole health is being impacted by COVID-19 in ways that are not directly related to getting the virus. Additionally, we must face the fact that despite leaving the worst behind, the coronavirus and its variants are still in the air. Thus, caution must be executed in the post-pandemic era.

We are aware that maintaining a healthy lifestyle depends on fitness. And any trainer worth their salt is aware that exercise plays a significant role in preventative healthcare.

People who maintain good health have fewer preventable illnesses like type II diabetes. And any amount is helpful!

The post-pandemic days are causing a lot of people to struggle, be it physically, intellectually, emotionally, or socially. But even before COVID-19, there was an elixir that could be used to alleviate these problems. In the ongoing fight against the aftermath of COVID-19, regular physical activity is emerging as one of the strongest protective factors—a crucial component of a comprehensive plan to promote and preserve our health and productivity.

The value of physical activity is still at the top of our minds even though immunization programs are now fully operational and our lives have returned to the near normal. Compared to before the pandemic, research suggests that people are less happy.

What can fitness business owners do to address the increased need for exercise for future mental and physical health as well as cosmetic reasons? And how can the fitness sector expand and shift from health clubs to health hubs using the lessons acquired from the pandemic?


Since the pandemic, people who don’t often visit the gym are seeking ways to get healthy, proving that fitness is more than just lifting weights and getting ripped. For these new health-conscious but gym-averse people, online fitness has created new opportunities. They can choose from a selection of at-home exercises, daily step challenges, basic yoga, and other options.

Although some folks may be interested in cosmetic rewards like weight loss and muscular definition, their primary objective is to improve their health. Lockdowns have transformed our routines and helped us to understand how vital everyday exercise is to maintaining our general health and fitness after COVID.

Through technology, quarantine led us to seek new ways to exercise without going outside or to a gym, and if anything, fitness technology has democratized the sector. It has considerably decreased the bar for physical activity, whether alone or in socially isolated groups.

This has proven especially helpful for those who either couldn’t or didn’t want to join a traditional gym. They now have a wide variety of content available for fitness and wellness following COVID, whether it be due to mobility challenges or because they were a risk category.

How can fitness centers, studios, and personal trainers serve these newly identified target markets?

With a full hybrid selection! Additionally, don’t assume that providing digital training to your new clients will make it any less personalized.

A hybrid solution that mixes digital training with indoor and outdoor group training is a must-have business model for fitness providers aiming to fulfill the wishes and demands of the new consumers looking to work on their health and fitness post-COVID, regardless of their age or their goals.


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