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Humans Walk for Pleasure, Do Animals?

by Guy Gibbs 3 years ago in spirituality

Why do we walk and return?


Movement is a living desire, need, and thrill. Travel is a curiosity, excitement, and learning. What did I think I'd get from my Moroccan adventure? Time to think: an understanding of my own endurance, my aspirations to be a better human fulfilled, to see new cultures and meet new people. We become familiar with the routine and protocol of adventure. Yet the essence of the inside remains. Ego can grow. Insecurity can flow. Did I get what I wanted to know? The idea of being human is perhaps just an idea, an idea that continuously elaborates and builds. Does it really take us closer to God? For that matter is God just an idea too. So what is it all for? Living and moving feels good, but why? Maybe we shall never know, until we pass beyond. Maybe we won't care what really went on during our human lives. You may think a person limited for not seeing the world, but how do we know we are right? Some people travel deeper in their own minds than they do on land. We are surrounded by space, but what makes it special over there or right here? Is it the ego? Is it the desire to be seen as great. Thinking we become wiser by seeing a new point of view or way of life can perhaps make us know less. Why do I want to know? Do I feel inferior? Do I feel? Do I need meaning? I've been to so many places and come back the same man. People die young and never get the opportunity. Does that make them any less? I would say no! Therefore exterior achievements do not matter in the scheme of existence. Read and decipher and let it all go. Return and carry on with the world we have created together.

Sit up and look. Crawl and be curious. Stand up and dream. Walk to your desire. Run to your passions and climb to your God. The next dog that walks past you, ask it if it dreams. The next sheep you see standing, ask it if desire is essential. When a fly buzzes around you, ask it if it's short life is enough. Be part of the universe. Being part of society yet still in the universe; confusion, illusion, travel, travel, travel. We all have our limits. We all have our fears. Travel. Going to Mars might give us the answers we have craved since we can remember. Send us to the end of the galaxy, milky way, and universe. We need answers to get us closer to God or to verify the idea. If it's not what we expect shall we disintegrate the human race.

Use them to your advantage, holidays to fulfill the soul, a broken spirit healed by a vacation to hot and sunny land, a distorted outlook of everyday living to create comparisons and enhance our daily living. Sharing recipes, stories and love; travel, adventure, destinations to our souls.

Make me a better man. A wiser person for knowing how to solve puzzles and make strangers speak. We visit other humans in various sought out locations, yet we are unkind to other creatures we share this planet with.

The bird travels, but does it really know? The worm travels and has limited curiosity. Humans conquer and still want more.


Guy Gibbs

Moving from room to room. Eradicating the boundaries made by the human race. Living and breathing. Wondering and wandering.

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Guy Gibbs
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