Human Energy Egg Cleanse

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Traditional "Limpia" Explanation & Instructions

Human Energy Egg Cleanse

Egg cleansing is an ancient method. Most commonly performed for hex removal. It’s a helpful source in identifying curses. Aids as a tool for divination, renowned for curing sleeping disorders, preferred method of removing evil eye & clearing of negative energetic attachments.

Rituals for entity removal or hexes should not be attempted without the presence of a divine healer.

You can however; safely cleanse your spiritual being without engaging in unethical or occult practices.

HUMAN ENERGY is a magnetic fluid, vulnerable and receptive to ambiental vibrations. It’s capable of molding your mood, changing your mind, distorting your feelings, even clouding judgment.

Energy manifests itself through Human interaction, erratic behavioral outbursts and dream waves. Polluted energy interferes with daily activities. It’s most noticeable when you follow repeated destructive patterns.

Random waste is collected by things said. Bad vibes are transferred through thought! Curses and evil eye attaches by the way people look at you. With the immense power of speech; envy, jealousy, misfortune and ill wishes become latched on to our energy.

The most powerful abomination is created when you talk bad about yourself.

Through its knowledge of the universe; our energy field serves as guide. It responds according to universal law. It is important to nurture it with good loving vibes.

There’s many methods of Spirit Cleansing; Each serves its own higher purpose.

Before this and any other cleanse, it is important to state INTENT.

For best practice, decide the method needed.

To hold energy from returning: Hold to fire, place in bag, discard in garbage.

For Dreams and Nightmares: Freeze. Place in bag, discard in garbage.

For Divination: Hold to light; follow divination instructions.

To Break Hexes: Crack egg in half filled glass of clear water and add salt. Follow Hex or curse identification chart. Follow hex or curse breaking instructions.

Gather your ingredients and tools needed.

1 egg.

Zip lock bags.

Glass of water.


Running water.


With the power of my light; I speak HUMAN ENERGY CLEANSE PRAYER.

Use any egg. Rinse under water.

Clasp egg in hands and say:

I will cleanse, my energy field with this egg, spool out all bad and negative energies and attachments.

I will remove, all malice attached to my energy, weather casted intentionally or unintentionally by myself or others.

I will heal, my good energies, reinforce my strengths and raise my human energy vibration.

Cover me in white light. My fragile spirit will shine strong.

Allow your hand to move intuitively guiding your hold of the egg.

Allow the egg to absorb energy. Rotate until you intuitively feel clear.

Begin rotating wrist clockwise over head;

Cleanse with light my human thoughts.

Heal with light self verbal harm.

Clear ideas which do not serve.

Move to third eye

Cleanse all veils of deception.

Erase forms of wrong perception.

Unveil wishes brought by light.

Over each eye

Remove all temptation from my sight.

Allow me to see things clearly.

Guide me with foresight.

Over each ear

Remove all subliminal messages from ears.

Heal from lies that have entered.

Restore understanding of truth.

Move to nose

Clear all false smells and scents.

Heal my sense of direction.

Protect my defense mechanism.

Move to mouth

Remove all gossip and lies.

Cleanse my tongue from spilling lies.

Allow me to speak true words.

Continue to throat

Clear all anxiety.

Heal any blockages.

Allow clear flow of communication.

Continue to heart

Relieve me of any resentment.

Safeguard love for myself and others.

Steady and regulate my heart rhythm.

Move to arms

Cleanse heavy loads of energy.

Return my inner strength.

Allow my work to be a blessing.

Move towards back

Clean latched on entities and burdens.

Remove all energies of swords.

Lighten my loads.

Move towards bellybutton

Cleanse any anger and resentment energies.

Relieve me of guilty burdens.

Release all accumulated worry and anxiety.

Move towards legs

Remove all nervousness from my legs.

Pacify my steps.

Guide intuitively in the right direction.

Over each foot.

Clear my reflexes, expel excessive energies.

Relieve tension of my internal organs.

Guide me through my lightened path.

Hover the egg with both hands and say;

I have cleansed my energy with this egg.

Rinse it under cold water.

Follow your intuition for discarding method.

This activity is not intended to substitute the works of Medicinal Doctors, Therapist or Spiritual healers.

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