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How Yoga Practice Refresh Yourself While Travelling

by Subham about a year ago in yoga

Refresh Yourself While Travelling

How Yoga Practice Refresh Yourself While Travelling
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“YOGA is the journey of the self through the self to the self.”

- The Bhagwad Gita

Yoga describes itself as a “Union”, a method of discipline, a 5000-years old Indian idea of knowledge that draws as a path towards the reality of life. It’s a euphoric experience that surfaces all the manifestation of life into bubbles during the process of creation. It is a practice that aligns the mind and the body to bring mutual harmony as both play an important role in all aspects of life.

Travel can be defined as a journey, and yet it has 100 different meanings to 100 different individuals. It is so vast that it’s nearly impossible to put it in one statement of definition as it varies from experience to experience, place to place, and person to person. Travel requires spontaneity, thrill, zeal, it makes you decide on your foot, and hence, it can get overwhelming and stressful even though it brings you a lifetime experience. As much as it can exhaust your mind, it requires physical strength and fitness, where both can be achieved by practicing yoga as a constant part of the traveling.

Traveling is a path to enlightenment and unfolding of one true self, it is fun and adventure and it brings you the contentment yet it has its negative impacts. As it is crucial to maintain the yoga routine while traveling, it is important to be aware of the issues that are faced such as being away from your loved ones for a long and increased level of stress can create anxiety and depression, sleeping disorder, disturbance in diet, physical problems like chronic body pain, fluctuation in blood pressure, heart health, headaches, and breathing problems related to the psychological barriers, etc.

But it’s not that hard to deal with these challenges if we take yoga and travel hand in hand, here are few defined benefits you can endure by practicing yoga as a part of your travel roadmap.

Overall Benefits of Yoga as a part of your travel

Physical health: Traveling involves a lot of sitting and change in environmental conditions that can bring a lot of physical changes, and those can become a little problematic, impact on your physical posture, blood pressure, and breathing. Yoga does more than burn calories and tone muscles.

Also, Yoga is beneficial for various reasons. It helps improve flexibility, works your core muscles, and it allows you to perform cardio-centric exercises in a way that is not as challenging as other forms of cardio training.

According to a 2017 survey, yoga practice has been proved to be an ailment to lower back pain and improvement in back-related function.

Balasana helps you relieve lower back pain whereas Uttanasana, Viparita Karani, and Setu Bhandasana help in relieving blood pressure.

Yoga reminds you to breathe which helps in fighting breathing issues by the practice of a simple Anulom Vilom Pranayam and Adho Mukha Svanasana that helps in regulating oxygen in the body and brain.

Yin a meditative yoga practice, also called Taoist yoga. Yin yoga allows the release of tension in key joints, including ankles, knees, hip, full-back, neck, and shoulders.

Mental wellness: Our mind has a prime role in decision making and its implications, thus, it needs to function at its best with composed thoughts and calmness yet a lot of stress, over-scheduling, disturbing in sleep cycle due to long hour traveling and the difference in time zones can be an issue of concern.

As yoga is not just a body retreat, it also engineers your mind in a way that it takes away all the negativity, anxiety, feeling of loneliness, depression, and insomnia.

Practicing yoga can help in transferring focus and attention to mind and body, which can be useful in reducing anxiety.

Jet lag often leads to travel insomnia, and yoga is one way to treat insomnia naturally and easily during travel, which automatically improves sleep quality.

Researchers say that yoga decreases the symptoms of depression by reducing cortisol( the stress hormone). It is also said that Sudharshan kriya asana helps in reducing depressive symptoms.

Asanas like Chandra Bhedana( for Insomnia), Sukhasana( for Anxiety), Vajrasana( for Stress).

Our mental distribution also involved psychological impacts that can make you feel less motivated, out of confidence and it can highly affect your thought process in planning and execution.

Henceforth, it is important to push your limits with intact mental health that can be achieved by meditation and chanting which both are a part of yoga practice. This would enhance your capabilities of putting in more effort and making your journey a success.

Finding your true self: Yoga not only helps in aligning mind and body while you travel, but it is also a companion to your inner self throughout your journey. Enlightenment comes within, but the right environment, place, and mindset play an essential role in finding your true self.

Yoga is not just about practicing asanas on mats and meditating. The real transformation of the soul happens when you fold your mats and wander around in the wilderness, silence, serenity, and the nature that surrounds.

Yoga and traveling simultaneously through open channels to your inner self while you are exploring the outside world, you automatically connect with your soul and it leads to your own reality.

Yin Yoga & Kundalini Yoga are the two major yoga practices that not only align your breath and body but also make you feel self-love and open up the heart chakra.

Gomukhasana, Tadasana, Anahatasana are few specific forms of asana that can be practiced while you hike your favorite mountain top or while walking through your to-do-list evergreen forest.

The moment you attach the word “Yoga,” it indicates it is a complete path by itself.


Use yoga as an approach to feel even and balanced while traveling. Keeping up yoga while you travel will upgrade your experience and leave you feeling revived and prepared to take on the world once again.

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