How to Start Your Day Fresh

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Get your blood flowing over one cup of joe.

How to Start Your Day Fresh

Do you feel groggy and slow in the morning? Do you wish you felt better but don't feel like you have the time to workout for hours on end? If that sounds like you then you might want to consider this ten minute morning refresher.

I'm not one to work out every day and I've found that complicated meal plans and work out routines just aren't what work for me. I'm all about simple easy to follow plans and this is especially important when you are first breaking into the health and fitness world.

This refresher is great for all ages and body types and is just generally super easy to complete. Grab a cup of Joe and meet me on the floor!

To begin, grab a yoga mat if you have one and make sure you have enough space to spread out. It also helps if you have weights. I used three-pound weights because it's just enough to feel a tingle and get your muscles warmed up.

I start by standing at the front of my mat and taking five deep breathes, bringing my arms up over my head with each inhale. Take your time with these.

Stop for a sip of that delicious coffee next to you, skip the cream and sugar if you want a true metabolic jolt.

From here crank out a few of your favorite yoga poses, I recommend five or so cat-cows. Really focus on curling your spine one vertebrae at a time starting with your tail bone. Inhale as your belly drops toward the floor and exhale as you tuck your tail. Follow this with downward facing dog, exhale as you go into down-dog and inhale as you come forward into the plank position. Again, complete about five of these and then on your final plank bring your right foot in between your hands.

Grab your weights and then bring your torso into the upright position. Extend your arms above your head, warrior 1, and then drop them into warrior 2. Warrior 2 is when you have the arm corresponding with your forward leg stretched out in front of you (you should be working with your right foot forward) and the corresponding rear arm stretched out behind. Go between warrior 1 and warrior 2 several times inhaling on the upward motion. Move slowly and with purpose and your will begin to feel a warmth in your shoulders.

Next, bring your hands to the mat on either side of your right foot and move back into a plank position. Repeat with your left side and finish in a standing position. While standing take 2-to-3 more deep breathes and then on your last exhale fold forward for a final deep stretch. To finish I like to come to my knees and do biceps curls with my weights, 20 should do.

Now, grab your coffee and start your day. This is a super easy way to wake up and start your day better than you did the day before and you'll be grateful for it. It's better to spend ten minute treating your body right than it is to snooze your alarm.


Audrey O'Donnell
Audrey O'Donnell
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