How To Really Interpret Your Dreams

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Everything You Need to Know to Interpret Your Own Dreams

How To Really Interpret Your Dreams

We all have dreams, and we have all awoken wondering what a dream was trying to tell us. Is something bad going to happen? Was this a message from a departed loved one? Dreams may reveal many things to us including a memory of our past lives, a glimpse at our future, and communication between our unconscious and our conscious mind. The key to unlocking the secrets of your dreams lies within your own emotional response, engagement of your physical senses, and the point of view of your dream.

Dream a Little Dream of...

Dreams about specific people may mean many things.

When you dream about a person in your life, who is still alive and well, it may mean that there is something in your relationship with this individual that requires your attention. It is important to examine your emotional response to the dream; was it pleasant or unpleasant? What were the events of the dream? Many times when we dream of someone, it is our unconscious mind telling us we are harboring an unexpressed emotion regarding someone. Perhaps you dream of your best friend and your significant other betraying you. While it may seem like a clear cut case of "how dare you," it is likely that this dream is telling you to trust more, that you have unresolved trust issues that require healing. Before you push them both out of your life. It is also likely that you already suspect your friend and mate of extra curricular activities and the dream is an echo of your own conscious thoughts. Before reacting, observe the dream in its entirety and pay close attention to your emotions. If you are quick to accuse others of inappropriate conduct it is likely the dream is calling to you to become more trusting of yourself and others close to you.

Into the Darkness...

Hallways lead to unexplored areas of Self.

One common element in dreams is the long, and often dark, hallway. As houses are representative of your emotional body, the hallway leads to unexplored areas within the emotional center. A dark, scary hallway leading to an even darker place is your unconscious mind telling you to explore yourself on a deeper level. The journey through the hallway is the journey to the deeper and hidden feelings we have, the feelings we do not readily display or share with others. These are the hidden aspects of our personality, often times directly related to painful past experiences that need to be healed in order to achieve a higher state of wellness. Harboring resentments and fears by simply putting them out of your conscious thoughts is an ineffective way of handling unpleasant emotions. This does lead to depression and can damage relationships. Dreaming of dark hallways, with or without doors is a clear message that you have hidden pain and trauma that must be healed.

Memories and Previews...

Time is an illusion, we exist in all times right now.

Time is a man-made construct to provide order in our world through scheduling. When we sleep, our spirit self has complete freedom of expression and movement. Without our waking, conscious mind to keep us firmly in the reality we have chosen our souls are able to communicate with us. We all have had multiple lives, with the same soul each time. This is not specific to our ancestral bloodline, but of the existence our soul. Many times we will experience a dream in which we are in another time and place. This may be in the past, as a dream that we are in medieval times, or in the future. These dreams are identified by point of view, knowledge and the clarity of the events. Many past life dreams will present themselves as memories. We will enter these dreams as a participant instead of an observer. Viewing and interacting in the dream through our own eyes with complete knowledge of the location and other people. Often times, our physical senses may be activated during these dreams. This is knowledge that is granted to us, to our consciousness, by our soul so that we may become whole and complete along our spiritual journey through this incarnation.

What Dreams May Come...

Learning to translate your dreams can unlock your true potential.

Dreaming is very simply a method of communication between the different levels of consciousness to accomplish healing and spiritual wellness. We need not fear our dreams. Learning to translate and unlock the hidden messages in our dreams can bring us into a healthier emotional state, enhance our relationships, and give us clues to the journey our souls have taken. Identifying our emotional responses to various elements presented to us in dreams is the key to truly interpreting our own dreams.

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