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How to Prevent Prostatitis in Spring?

Some prostatitis prevention measures in spring

By Amanda ChouPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
How to Prevent Prostatitis in Spring?
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The temperature rises in spring. After a cold winter dormant, pathogenic bacteria and pathogens such as bacteria, germs, and pathogens have also begun to breed and reproduce, causing sudden occurrences of male diseases. In spring, the temperature rises, and germs breed, which can easily affect the prostate and cause prostatitis.

Prostatitis is a common male reproductive system disease, mainly manifested in urethral stimulation symptoms and chronic pelvic pain, such as burning sensation, frequent urination, pain, perineal, genital pain, and other discomforts during urination. 50% of men will be affected by prostatitis in a certain period of life, of which the prevalence of adult men under 50.

How to prevent prostatitis?

1. Avoid being sedentary

Men insist on exercise and avoid sedentary behavior, which is helpful in preventing prostatitis. Some people have an insufficient exercise for a long time and habitually sit for a long time, which may cause the vulva to be unable to dissipate heat. Rating temperature is easy to breed bacteria, which cause prostatitis.

In addition, insufficient exercise can affect the body's cycle, and the blood cannot be provided to the prostate in time, which is not conducive to its maintenance. Therefore, men should persist in exercise to help prevent prostatitis.

2. Eat less spicy food

The diet should be light, and not eat spicy and exciting food. High amounts of spicy substances can cause many inflammatory substances in the body, thereby increasing the risk of prostatitis.

3. Sexual abstinence

Keep a regular sex life, and do not indulge. Some male sexual desires are strong, and there is no restraint in sexual life. Frequent sexual life may cause the prostate to be congested. After congestion, it is easier to invade bacteria and increase the risk of prostatitis.

4. Drink less

Frequent alcoholism, in addition to alcohol poisoning, affects liver function and can also cause the prostate to be damaged. Long-term drinking will accelerate the lesions of the blood vessels, the pressure of blood vessels will increase, and the lack of blood supply to multiple organs in the follow-up will have health problems. Drinking less alcohol is conducive to maintaining a healthy state of blood vessels around the prostate and better preventing prostatitis.

5. Drink more water

Drinking more water will urinate, and the high urine concentration will cause some stimuli to the prostate, and long-term poor stimulation is harmful to the prostate. At the same time, drinking water can not only dilute the blood but also effectively dilute urine concentration.

6. Taking a warm bath

A warm bath can relieve the tension between muscles and the prostate and slow down the symptoms of discomfort. Frequent bathing baths are undoubtedly good for patients with prostate disease. If you sit in the perineum with warm water every day, you can also get good results.

7. Adjust the pressure

Living pressure may increase the opportunity to enlarge the prostate. Clinical shows that when the stress of life is slow, the prostate symptoms can be soothing. Thus, men should relax.

8. Regular physical examination

Preventing prostatitis is necessary for regular medical examinations. Regular medical tests can allow patients with prostatitis to receive treatment as soon as possible and effectively prevent repeated prostatitis.

Spring is conducive to the treatment of prostatitis:

Spring temperature recovery can relax the muscles around the prostate and relieve the symptoms of edema and congestion. If the patient can cooperate with it in time for treatment, it can alleviate the disease and receive more effort for the treatment effect.

Some patients with prostatitis don't have discomfort after a period of treatment, and they stop the treatment alone. Thus, the symptoms will recur. This will not only increase the patient's mental burden but also increase the resistance to bacteria. It becomes more difficult. Therefore, patients with prostate patients should follow the doctor's advice, treat scientific treatment, and seize the best time to treat prostatitis treatment in spring.


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