How to Keep Your Body Active and Mobile

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Smart fight against aging.

Working out, especially gym workouts, combined with the right supplement will provide you with the required energy, which will in turn help in preventing your mind and body from aging.

Your brain is primarily responsible for moving your body. This function is generally dedicated to your grey matter’s real estate. If you want to continue learning and creating new connections in your brain, then staying active and exercising should always be your portion. The secret behind exercising is that exercise helps in stimulating the release of countless essential neurochemicals, including dopamine and serotonin.

Exercise has been shown to improve memory capacity and also in boosting IQ significantly. On the other hand, the benefit associated with the general body is numerous, too. Thus, staying active can help in improving heart health, and more so, it prevents the likelihood of heart diseases. Other benefits may include; an improvement on your general look, prevent depression, combat diabetes, and keeping your bones stronger, especially if you happen to be training outdoors in open areas where you can easily be sun-kissed.

As stated earlier, staying active is the best way you can prevent the loss of mobility that will later tend to leave us hunched and in constant pain in old age. So, how can you stay active in the right way to combat age-related health issues?

Rule 1: Move!

Trying to stand with your feet slightly apart and toes facing forward can be your best way to start. Then, try to squat down with your heels flat on the floor. If you can’t do it, then don’t be surprised since this is just another ordinary with our current generation. It is estimated that about 90 percent of youths can’t do it as well. But with full knowledge of the benefit behind this exercise, then this is something you can’t afford to ignore. Squatting is one of the seven ancient movements, and thus it is a fundamental ability that we should all possess.

How to go about touching your toes?

The biggest problem with most of us is the fact that we spend more than eight hours a day comfortably sitting in an office in the same posture. In such a position, we always have our neck craned downward, shoulders bent forward, and legs bent. Such sitting poses cause muscles like the quadriceps and pecs to shorten and tighten, while our hamstrings and gluteus become weakened and somewhat flattened. If such conditions persist, this might be a threat to one’s health, since it might lead to the development of pelvic tilt.

Keeping your body active by pushing it even when you don’t feel like you want to do anything is the best way you can easily evade from problems associated with aging. If you happen to lack the techniques or the tips to start up, it is advisable to get a trainer who can help you through. Just start with the simple exercise, but you should be able to progress and engage in tougher ones as the time goes by keeping an eye on your target, i.e. mobility.

By reading books like Becoming a Supple Leopard, you’ll realise that we tend to age best when we end up using our body through its full range of motion continuously. Weightlifting is actually one of a kind choice of exercise, especially for older individuals, as it enhances movements like the squat and deadlift. With the excellent technique attached, this will help to ensure that you have a free motion.

This is even fundamental if you happen to have had a fall or accident, as this is what will very often catalyse many more problems. If by any chance this happens, then you should see a physiotherapist or chiropractor, and then follow to the letter advice they offer you to strengthen the area and prevent knock-on effects throughout your body. Of course, if you have recurring complaints, then you may not be up for squatting and lunging yet.

If for instance, you may want to start with some gentle cardio in the meantime, this will help to provide you with some of the health and brain benefits we have mentioned in the short term. Good options may include the low-impact forms of exercise; such as swimming, walking (or power walking), the recumbent bike, among others which do not require a lot of energy to undertake. But all in all, make sure that the goal is always to work your way up towards more complex moves.

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