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Clean Eating

How to Eat to Get in Shape Faster

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Simple everyday actions for everyone who wants to be in shape

How to Eat to Get in Shape Faster

To build up your body and follow a proper diet, you need to follow a certain diet and make sure you eat a lot of protein food. If you cannot eat just pure protein, you can eat food with plenty of protein, like including boiled chicken breast in your diet. You can create a diet that will give you just the right amount of calories you require every day. The important thing is to follow a specific diet and know how many calories your body needs.

Remember that to lose 1 kg. you need to create a deficiency of 7,716 calories. So for instance, if in one day you eat 2,000 kcal and then spend 2,500 kcal, you’ll get a deficit of 500 kcal each day. So if you follow this diet you’ll be able to lose 2 kg in one month.

What can also help you is not just sticking to a specific diet but training. An hour of moderate running and swimming will burn off about 550 kcal and strength training will lose you about 800 kcal.

The basic menu should be made so that your diet and regular workouts will bring you to the goal of weight loss. Your diet should include 25 – 30% protein, 55 – 60% carbohydrates, and 15 – 20% of fats.

Powdered Protein

If you don’t have the time or you cannot include too many protein foods in your diet, you can supplement it with powdered protein. So take a look for powdered protein drinks that can give you the right amount of protein required. Protein shakes are low in carbohydrates and fats and will let you get the right amount of protein per day and won’t exceed the calorie norm. Protein shakes usually have two basic flavors: either vanilla or chocolate. You should drink a protein drink once or twice a day like in the morning before your workout. Protein is made from powdered whole milk and egg white. Then for dinner you can have pea salad or Chinese seafood soup. Just as long as you stick to your diet and don’t get tempted by snacks you should not eat during the day but have some fruit instead.

Set a Goal

When you’re looking to lose weight, it is always important to set a goal about how much weight you want to lose. In this way you have something to strive for while you diet and do your workouts. You might consider joining a fitness club to help you with your workouts and so that you know how to do the right kind of exercise. It is also easier to see how well things are going to achieving your goal.

Promise a Reward

You might consider giving yourself a reward once you have reached your goal. Say if in two months you have lost 5 kg. then buy yourself some new clothes. The most important thing is to always keep you goal in mind and don’t indulge in treats after your workouts.

Do What You Like

Choose the kind of workouts that will keep you heading toward your goal. So if you don’t like to run, don’t include running as part of your workout. Make the choices that will keep you working and losing weight. There are a lot of different workouts you can choose even certain types of dancing or walking. If you include strength training and don’t want to lift weights at a gym, do specific exercises at home. In other words, create a realistic workout for yourself that you know you’ll follow in order to achieve the goal you’ve set up for yourself.

Getting a Positive Result

Remember that exercise can rid you of negative emotions and replace them with a great positive feel. For instance, if you do some running at your own pace, this can give you an elated feeling and help reduce anxiety. When training, see what gives you a more positive feel toward things and emphasize on that exercise.

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