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How to Create an Awesome Butt!

A Buttdacious Workout Guide

By Michael LopezPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Are you one of the many women out there looking to enhance your posterior? If so, you have stumbled onto the perfect booty building instructional guide. In the following paragraphs I'll give you the exercises you need, so that you can sculpt and create that amazing booty you always wanted.

The following group of exercises is by no means a comprehensive list, but it's a good starting point for beginners and perhaps a good change for experienced fitness people. All of the listed exercises should be completed for 3 Sets, with each set consisting of 8 to 12 Repetitions(reps).

Hip Thrusts

First up on the list is the Hip Thrust. If you're wondering why I picked this movement first, it's because that this exercise is much better at isolating the glutes. Pick a light weight at first when doing this exercise until you get comfortable with this movement(or even start with just your body weight).

Sumo Deadlifts

Again, this exercise also isolates the glutes and hamstrings and the groin, and takes the focus off the thighs(quadriceps). I must say, when performing this movement, do not drop your butt so low that your thighs go passed parallel.

Goblet Squats

This exercise can be done using a kettlebell, dumbbell or weight plate. Again this movement will take the emphasis off the quads and put it more onto the glutes. Hold the weight with both hands just in front of your chest, and four to six inches below your chin. Spread your feet shoulder width apart or just slightly farther. Now, when you move through the squat, both down and up, you need to keep your back as straight as you can. If you lean forward during the motion, then you will take tension(focus) off your glutes and move it to your quadriceps and hamstrings.

Wide Stance Squat

This exercise can be performed with barbell, kettlebell or dumbbells, whichever you feel more comfortable using. Using a wide stance allows for the emphasis to be put on the groin and glutes, and de-emphasizes quads.

The stance and setup for this is exactly the same as a normal barbell back squat, except you widen your stance by roughly six inches or so. Also just like the barbell back squat, they keys for this movement are keeping your back straight and placing as much weight as you can on your heels and maintain your balance. By keeping your weight back on your heels, you keep the on the groin and glutes and away from the quads.

Dumbbell Box Step Ups

If you are not comfortable at first doing step ups while holding dumbbells, it's okay to start off with just your body weight until you become accustomed to the movement. It is important to note, that when performing this movement, the key is to push or drive through with your heel and not your front half of the foot that is on the box. Using the front half of your foot will activate your Quads(thigh) more, while driving through the heel puts the emphasis more on your Glutes(butt).

Single Leg Hip Thrusts

And finally, but certainly not least or last, we have the single leg hip thrusts. Again, a great exercise for isolating the glutes. Lay on your back on the ground with your knees bent to a 45+ degree angle. Now to execute this movement, place your hands palm down on the floor, raise one foot of the floor, then push your pelvis off the ground with glutes while using your arms and hands to stabilize you. Alternate legs for an even workout.

These exercises should get you going towards that beautiful butt you've always wanted but weren't sure how to get it, or where to start. As always, take care when starting a new exercise routine, or doing new movements you're not accustomed to. Please be sure to use proper form when doing all exercises, in order to prevent injury. And if you need a more detailed or personalized routine, consult a local Certified Personal Trainer. Also, images and videos can easily be found with quick google search.


About the Creator

Michael Lopez

Author of the original English light novel series Worlds Apart and the forthcoming prequel series Worlds Apart: The Vanya Chronicles. Worlds Apart is available to buy on Amazon.

I'm also an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, Nutrition Coach.

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