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How to change the appearance with small details?

by Derasom 2 months ago in body
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Be beautiful from now on

1. Don't eat too much, it's easy to get acne! Acne! ! Acne! ! !

2. People who like to eat salty are ugly!

3. People who don't breathe through their noses will become ducks with protruding bills!

Believe it or not, mouth breathing will affect the development of the face, 85% of the protruding mouth and dull eyes are because of mouth breathing!

4. Don't sit for too long! ! Remember to get up and move every hour.

Sitting for too long is really easy to lead to the accumulation of fat in the legs and gain weight! !

In addition, the buttocks are squeezed, the blood circulation is poor, and the body's metabolic rate is reduced, which leads to dullness and blackness of the buttocks.

5. Don't refuse to chew on one side, be careful to turn into a big cake face! !

Often eating with one side of the teeth will cause the unilateral masseter muscle to increase and turn into a big pie face and a big face.

Sisters with enlarged masseter muscles can often make fists and massage from the chin to the ears, which can tighten the contour of the face and make your face smaller and smaller!

6. Don't stay up late, don't stay up late! stay up all night to the ugly

When the offspring stay up late, the level of growth hormone in the body increases and the level of leptin decreases, so the probability of obesity is greatly increased!

At the same time, it will affect metabolism, cause facial collagen loss, wrinkles and dull skin;

The sebaceous glands will also secrete more oil, and blackheads and acne will find you

7. At least 1.5L of water a day, keep the water cup by your side, drink as soon as you see it, your skin and body will get better, trust me! !

Buy an 800ml cup like me, and drink less than two cups a day~

8. When playing with a mobile phone, you can often "double-tap the screen" to promote blood circulation in your hand and get good luck at the same time!

9. Don't wear earphones while walking, especially when the girl comes home alone after get off work at night! !

10. Don't sleep on your stomach during lunch break! ! Often sleeping on the stomach, the body curvature increases, and the chest will sag! ! And the face is squeezed, wrinkles will increase.

Moreover, when lying on the table to sleep, computer radiation will aggravate the evaporation of water on the skin surface, the skin will become dry, and spots, acne and pimples will be more likely to occur.

11. Insist on doing hand care, and the white and tender hands are more attractive!

12. Don't use towels anymore, it will really rot your face! !

Towels will breed many mites and bacteria after being used for a long time, and in a damp place like the bathroom, the speed of bacteria growth is unimaginable.

After repeated use, bacteria and mites quietly enter the skin pores, causing allergies, acne, and even bacterial skin infections.

13. The effect of applying the mask directly to the face will be greatly reduced!

Be sure to use the essence before applying, after the infiltration of the essence, the skin penetration and absorption will be better, which can promote the skin to absorb more moisture and nutrients

After I finished the application, I could feel my face hydrated and moisturised all day long, and my boyfriend also said that it feels better when I squeeze it, hee hee~

14. Choosing the right clothes for you is more important than catching up with the trend

You can try all kinds of clothes, find the style that you feel most comfortable and can highlight your own style, don't doubt, it must be very suitable for you.

15. Change the shampoo once a month for hair growth.

Long-term use of the same shampoo will easily form residues on the scalp and hair, and the hair quality will get worse and worse in the long run.

So the shampoo should be changed, it will not affect the hair.

16. Not sunscreen really hurts the skin!

UV rays don't just make you tan. And it will make you grow dark spots and skin wrinkles. Not only outdoors, but even on cloudy days and indoors by windows, UV rays can damage your skin!

17. Don't neglect the cleaning of the ears, joints, and back of the neck.

The small details are handled well, and it can be appreciated by others!

18. Drink more tea, lose weight and maintain skin! !

Tea polyphenols and caffeine in tea water can promote fat decomposition, and can achieve better weight loss effect with exercise.

The tannic acid contained in it has the functions of astringent pores, sterilization and anti-aging of skin;

And it helps to reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays in sunlight to the skin to protect cells from radiation damage.

Applying overnight tea to the roots of the eyelashes can also make eyelashes longer! ! !

Tea is really a baby

19. Insist on eye care! !

The skin around the eyes is really fragile. With age, collagen is slowly lost, and it is easy to have dry lines and bags under the eyes, accelerating aging.

20. Bad posture destroys the temperament the most! Bad temperament and image score reduced by 60%

Do not bend over when sitting. A straight back is best. When walking, you must hold your head high, imagine that there is a thread on your head, and you can lift a bunch of your hair to find the feeling~

21. Scrub + vitamin E = whitening artifact to remove black joints! !

Massage the scrub into the joints in circular motions, then rinse off with water to soften the skin.

Then apply vitamin E to the joints and massage for 5 minutes to lock in water and moisturise + anti-oxidant whitening

3 times a week, the skin in other places can also be used to improve the skin, the skin is fair and tender.

22. Milk tea free snack free is very happy,

But they are heat bombs! Calories will make people fat for the time being, too much sugar will lead to dull and yellow complexion, permanent acne breakouts, and aging skin... So everyone should control their mouths and choose low-oil and low-fat snacks as much as possible. healthy snacks!

23. Learn to make use of your strengths and avoid weaknesses.

① wide hips wear straight pants or straight skirts;

② Try to buy short coats for small people, don't wear long skirts, and don't have too long hair. Creating a high waistline will make your figure a few degrees taller

③Choose clothes with a stiff version (puff sleeves, shoulder pads), and avoid showing shoulders.

④Slightly fat to avoid horizontal stripes, polka dots, and clothes that are too soft.

⑤ Small breasts look better in shirts, but avoid tights

24. Eat less food with heavy oil and salt! ! !

For example, hot pot, barbecue, fried skewers, all kinds of pickled products and puffed food, heavy oil will increase your body fat and make you rounder; and if the body takes in more oil, the skin will naturally secrete more oil, resulting in breakouts. , blackheads, etc.

Too much salt intake can also lead to puffiness and puffiness.

25. Breast enhancement and whitening tool - cauliflower! ! The vitamin A in cauliflower is beneficial for the secretion of estrogen. Increased secretion of estrogen is conducive to breast growth.

It is also the food with the most flavonoids, which can whiten and antioxidant. The most important thing is to eat more and not get fat

26. Don't forget to take out your pocket before throwing the laundry into the washing machine! !

Otherwise, once you have paper towels, you will doubt your life after washing! ! If there is money in it, it will be a big loss.

27. Change out the clothes you wear when you get home.

Especially those who like to lie on the bed directly after returning home, even more to change!

I don’t know who has sat in the seats that I go out to, and there are really many bacteria. I usually wash my hands and put on my pajamas after returning home.

28. Insist on the massage before going to bed to tighten the skin and reduce the jaw.

29. Insist on using the original camera to take pictures + post-retouching to restore your original beauty.

30. Be good at discovering the beauty in life, you will have more small happiness


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