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How to Become a Healthier You

by Hannah Lawrence 4 years ago in how to
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You are living your busiest life. Learn quick lifehacks on how to be a little healthier each day to look good and feel good.

You are reading this because you truly care about your health. Let me tell you, this is a fantastic start. Having the motivation to live a healthier lifestyle is very important, and will make your wants and needs reality. Below are three key elements to living a healthy lifestyle, and I am going to explain how to incorporate them into your daily life, without taking up loads amount of time. These may be obvious, but please read into them, for you may learn a trick or two to get rid of a bad habit or gain a new way to feel better about yourself.

Eat out less.

Yes, we all know that sometimes you can't resist a burger and fries, but take note of the key word 'Less' in the title. If you can go the extra mile and prep two lunches to bring to work for the next two days the night before, you will save yourself less fattening food and money. Eating healthier foods increases your metabolism and makes you feel good, which are two vital things to a healthier life. Simply making lunches to bring to work allows you to feel better about what you are eating. Meal prep can work super well if you are busy in morning as well, and you often run out of time to make a lunch right before you leave for your day.

30 Minutes of Exercise a Day

Before you click away because you cannot stand the idea of working out everyday, please reflect on how short thirty minutes really is. You spent over 4 hours on your phone, so why not take thirty minutes to do something that makes humans significantly happier? I have posted a schedule that you can follow that touches on different workouts to do each day. There are also tons of apps (Nike) that show you different workouts and explain how to do them.

Your Weekly Workout Plan

If this doesn't fit for you, there are tons to find. Find one that suits you.

Get a water bottle with a straw.

Drink a ton of water. And when you think you drank a ton, drink more. Drinking water helps you with feeling good, having good skin, keeping you from getting sick, and so much more. A simple trick is to get a water bottle with some sort of straw. It is proven that you drink a lot more water if you are drinking it out of a straw! Such a quick fix to drink that little extra that may keep you from getting a face full of pimples.

Another tip I have for you, is to get natural electrolytes or coconut water. This is for those who choose to workout for at least 30 minutes a day who may sweat out a lot of salts in your body. This replaces toxins and salts with fresh hydration and new salts to keep your body happy and balanced.

Drink the pink, natural electrolytes.

Add this to water for a tasty way to stay super hydrated!

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