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How the LIFTID Personal Brain Stimulator Improved My Focus

by Lenox Knight 5 months ago in wellness

& Helped Me Work More Efficiently

Like most people, I struggle with having enough focus and energy to get through the day.

The world moves so fast, and there are always a million things to do, never enough time, and it can be somewhat overwhelming. Most of us need something to help us get through the day- coffee, tea, an energy drink, maybe even a pre-workout supplement. We typically turn to these sugary outward stimulant drinks, but what if you could use a neurostimulation device that goes directly to the source? Right into your brain! That is precisely what LIFTID does! This concept that LIFTID presented sounded very interesting to me, and I wanted to learn more.

Being the mom to a 6-year-old is enough to make you feel like you need some extra help in the mental focus and energy boost department!

In addition to being a mom, I am working full-time, and am also an avid gamer. Needless to say, I need all the focus I can get! To top it all off, I was diagnosed with mild ADHD as a young adult. That adds to my trouble with focusing and staying on task even more! During the week, my daughter has online zoom classes that she attends for school.

My precious little angel is only six years old and not entirely independent yet. She needs a lot of hands-on help with her school work. Then, being a working mom, I have all my work to do when her school is over. At night, when she goes to bed, it’s gaming time! I love playing all sorts of video games, from my Xbox to PC. Right now, I’m super into MOBA’s, which are very fast-paced and use a lot of strategies and quick thinking. Homeschool teacher and working mom by day; online gamer by night.

Earlier, I mentioned this neurostimulation device called LIFTID that can replace your need for caffeine. I know you're wondering, but what is it, and how does it work? Well, LIFTID is a neurostimulation device that assists users by boosting their brain’s potential via mild electrical stimulation. This sounds a little scary, but I guarantee it’s perfectly safe and backed by over 5,000 scientific studies! Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (also known as TDCS) is an increasingly popular form of neurostimulation that applies a low-level electric current through two electrodes to targeted areas of the brain as an alternative to chemical stimulants such as caffeine, sugar, and other performance enhancers. Essentially, LIFTID can help provide you with that energy and focus boost you usually get from other stimulants.

At first, it seems a little crazy, right?

You put this small, lightweight device on your head, and you can get the same feeling that you would typically get from your morning or afternoon caffeine run. Science is an incredible thing! Before I tried LIFTID, I thought, how could this device, through neurostimulation, replicate that caffeine rush? Then, I was fortunate enough to try LIFTID, and man, does it work! LIFTID works to get you a great focus and energy boost while training your brain at the same time! After reading about LIFTID, I couldn’t wait to try it out! Then, my LIFTID package arrived in the mail! I was super excited to finally be able to put LIFTID to the test! When I opened the package, I saw a nicely designed box with all the LIFTID goodies. Inside the box is a really pretty faux leather storage case with everything you need to get that neurostimulation boost. There are two zippers on top of the case to separate out your items. The device and a handy dandy mirror are on one side. While on the other side, you will find the charging cord, salt measurer, saltwater bottle, and sponge pads for the device. At first, I was a little intimidated by all the items included in the kit, but once I read the instructions, it was effortless to understand and use!

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Here’s how LIFTID works:

The first thing you want to do is prepare your saltwater solution to wet the sponge pads that go into your device. You fill the provided salt measurer with salt and pour that into the provided bottle. From there, you pour some warm water into the bottle to the top. I then shook the bottle a little bit to make sure the solution was mixed well. The instructions say to soak the pads thoroughly with water, ring them out, and then pour the saltwater solution onto them. The sponge pads get very hard when they dry out, so it’s essential to do this every time you use the device. Another super important thing is to not use the device more than once a day.

After you have prepared your pads with the saltwater solution, you can place them inside your device in the designated spot. From there, you want to put the device on your head and make sure it sits two finger widths about your eyebrow. This was very easy to do because the company also included a lovely little mirror! After that step is complete, it’s time to begin using LIFTID. You press the little button located in the middle of the device and wait for it to start beeping. There is a little bit of time where the device is revving up, but then you feel it. The device runs for 20 minutes, but you can do a shorter time if you prefer by just holding down the start button and shutting down the device.

For the past week, I’ve been using LIFTID every day and tracking my progress.

To get an accurate read on how LIFTID works, I removed all caffeine and stimulants from my diet. I wanted to test out LIFTID and see if it could really do what it says it can. When I started up the device, I felt a little warm tingling on my forehead. At first, this was a little strange, but then I got used to the way it feels. It’s definitely not painful in any way but catches you off guard a little bit the first time you use it. The package says for best results to do an activity like working, studying, or playing video games during the twenty minutes that the device is active. On some days using the device, I played some of my favorite video games. Other days I worked on editing photos and other content creation tasks. Then a few days later, I wore the device while I helped my daughter with her schoolwork. During all these tasks, I could feel immediate results. It was like my brain went into super focus work mode! I could feel a big energy boost from wearing the device. It was very swift and shocking! For me, drinking a full cup of coffee is a little too much caffeine and kind of overwhelming. I am pretty caffeine sensitive and have to limit how much I have every day. I can drink half a cup of coffee or one full cup of black tea and be fine.

Wearing the LIFTID device for the entire twenty minutes felt the same as when I drink a full cup of coffee.

It was a little bit overstimulating for me. I then experimented with only using the device for ten minutes after a few days of twenty minutes every day. I liked the results better with doing a shorter amount of time because I am very stimulation sensitive. I believe it’s different for every person, and you have to find what works best for you.

Overall, I’m thrilled I got to try out LIFTID! It has definitely changed how I look at getting that energy boost that I would generally turn to caffeine for.

I recommend it to people who want to try a healthier alternative method to increase their energy and focus. Plus, the more you use LIFTID, the more it trains your brain to stay on task! As someone diagnosed with ADHD who has a hard time staying focused, LIFTID definitely made a big difference even after one week!


Lenox Knight

Lenox Knight is a LA based actress, singer, dancer, cosplayer, and host. She just filmed a new feature Heaven's Revenge. As an international cosplayer, she has worked for various companies. She loves playing video games and watching anime!

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