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How I Plan on Going Green in 2020

by Lidia Kovac 3 years ago in lifestyle
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7 things I want to accomplish before 2020 to go greener

We all know that the planet is dying. There are a lot of super inspiring people who have gone full no-waste by cutting their trash by 99%.

Living in Italy, where the zero waste and ecological culture still hasn't arrived yet, I cannot commit to that lifestyle completely, as it's not possible for example, to shop using your own jars or not to use plastic bags and adhesive labels when buying vegetables.

Here are 7 things I want to accomplish in my personal life before 2020 to reduce my impact on the planet.

1. Going Digital

The first thing I decided to do starting this university year is to go completely digital. Google has a suite of software which is perfect for everything I need to plan (which is not a lot, just uni and work). Instead of buying expensive planners with tons of tabs and plastic wraps, I am going to invest in a decent Chromebook and maybe a Kindle Reader. I am going to make another story here on Vocal on how I organize uni and work using only free Google software, so stay tuned for that!

It's important to be mindful of what you use and why. I analyzed my academic year and realize I buy tons of books which I almost never use and a lot of useless stationary just to make sure my notes are clean and my highlighter matches the book cover. This is unnecessary and a waste of money AND plastic and paper. Before university starts again this year, I am going to sell all of my books and keep digital copies of them stored in my Google Drive so they are not lost. Instead of buying new or second-hand books, I will go the university library and use the scanners to digitalize only the parts that I actually need for that class. If I need to read some novels for my literature class, I will buy the PDF or Kindle Version.

2. Bamboo Toothbrush Subscription Box

We are advised by dentists to change our toothbrush every 2-3 months. Do you remember to do that? I don't, and my mother doesn't either. Regular, store-bought toothbrushes are not recyclable and they go into the mixed waste bin and take ages to decompose. And the cheaper the toothbrush, the longer it takes.

That's why I decided to subscribe to Bam&Boo, a subscription box which sends you bamboo toothbrushes every 1, 2, 3 or 4 months, leaving to you the choice of the recurrence. I will have mine delivered every 3 months.

3. Ditching Classic Store Bought Toothpaste

As for the toothbrushes, toothpaste containers cannot be recycled and go straight to the mixed waste bin. I have hundreds of glass jars at home which my mother hoarded during her housewives life which we never use, so I am going to try and make my own toothpaste with essential oils, baking soda and coconut oil. If I don't find myself comfortable with them, I am going to use Toothy Tabs from Lush, which I am going to visit far more often to buy body products anyway.

4. Continue to Use My Reusable Cup and Buy a Metal Straw

I have been using my reusable cup almost every time I want a coffee at home, but not a lot of shops accept reusable cups in Italy, at least not in my city. People hardly make to-go coffee. I don't ask for paper glasses in bars, and when I can, I avoid having drinks if I know they will use plastic cups like they do in fast foods.

Whatever, what I can do easily is to ask not to give me a straw if I already have mine handy. I am going to invest in a nice metallic straw.

5. Less Fast Food Meals

Have you ever thought of how much trash we make every time we have a "small treat" at the local fast food restaurant? We throw away the box, the wrap, the tray-cover, paper towel, plastic cups, plastic wrap for the sides and plastic/paper bag if we had a takeaway. That is an insane amount of trash for a hamburger. Fast foods are not only unhealthy, they are even not green at all. So for the sake of my body shape and my planet, I am going to avoid them as much as I can.

6. Walk More, Less Car

I just got my license. I am pretty pumped about it and about going everywhere with my car. I take it whenever I know there is going to be a parking spot nearby, even if it's 15 minutes away by foot. I could use that time to walk to the bus station or to walk there taking all the super-Italian side streets that makes us famous and attract all the tourists. Again, my and my planet's health are winning, and my father's wallet is too, since he is the owner of the car and has to pay for insurance, gas and maintenance.

7. Menstrual Cup

When I was younger, I used to need several period pads a day. Now, being on birth control, I don't need all of those anymore and I can squeeze in a couple a day, but it's still a lot of non-recyclable trash which I don't need to make. Before 2020, I want to commit to a menstrual cup that will last me for a lot more time that I can cover with 20/30£ worth of period pads.

These are my 2020 goals for being greener. Do you agree, disagree or do you have something else to add? Comment and please share this with your friends!


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