How I Began to Drink More Water

The Doctor Visit with a Touch of Bad News

How I Began to Drink More Water

You read everywhere that you need to drink water every week, every day, every minute, and every second to stay healthy. However, there are challenges to that request. For some, it's not an issue based on how a person has grown up based on their parents' strict teachings or self-discipline at an early age, but for those—like myself—who grew up on the thought process of—"Eat & drink what you want while you're young"— which has its limitations. Well, never have I been so wrong.

Getting into the habit of drinking water wasn't an easy ride to take until the sudden loss of a loved one due to medical selflessness and a personal doctor's visit. As I approach my 22nd birthday, I came to a big life-changing wake-up call that I need to stop spoiling myself on the things my body can't handle anymore.

Everyone's body handles things differently, mine happens to be sensitive and more prone to damage. Now don't get me wrong, no matter what you do at an early age, no matter how strong your immune system is, for as long as you are keeping up an unhealthy lifestyle will come heavier consequences to your middle-aged life. Begin to nurture yourself to the best of your abilities. Start now!

The Terrifying News

I always felt that my body and health had been doing fine despite the little dents in my slightly elevated blood pressure. In a recent doctor's visit, I was informed that my kidneys were failing. The stress of finding out that my body was silently dying—even though it's curable—made me come to realize that I have neglected all the signs that were facing me. DRINK MORE WATER! I put it off like a high school assignment, I'll get it done the last minute if at all. Well, I'll tell you this, that failing grade doesn't look as nice as you would think. Time to get off that spoiled lifestyle and make some changes.

Lifestyle Changes

It's not easy to make changes to your lifestyle as some predicaments may involve others that may also harbor bad lifestyle habits. How to cope? Well, ask yourself this, "Do I really want my insides to rot slowly then pay all my organs off for the medical fees?" I think not.

It's easier to do the things you want to do without thinking about what those choices entitle to your health altogether. Most of us live the dangerous route of life and can't bring ourselves to care much about our bodies, because it's too hard to take care of; hence, why we choose the easier lifestyle choice that in most situations equal out to something far more dangerous.

Just drink water.

You'll be doing yourself and your wallet a favor if you'd just drink water. Your teachers, your parents (maybe), the health news articles, or even bodybuilding friends will tell you that drinking water is essential to your health. Don't have just a one night stand with it. No. You need to be committed to it. Face the difficulties head on and don't think about whether or not you'll be able to continue doing it in the future. Just do it.

How I Started Drinking Water

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It's tough, but quite simple in certain aspects. The way I started drinking water without any other beverage choices was by starting with bubbly Italian mineral water. For those that have a soda addiction, this is one of the perfect ways to get your body to think you're drinking soda when, in reality, you are consuming something much better for your body. Think of it like vaping compared to smoking. Ease off the soda and slowly move into a better habit of drinking water. Once you have begun to zero out soda completely can you now move on to the next step.

I will not avoid the fact that exercising is also essential in this betterment of living and I will explain in my own gesture as best as possible.

Exercising and drinking water, why?

It's no big news that exercising is one of the toughest things to do in our lifestyle, but I'm not going to tell you that you need to hit up the gym and do some intensive workout. Absolutely not! Though I know fair and square that you can't just exercise once in the day, but unfortunately for me and some others, that isn't the easiest thing to do.

What I suggest in this motion though is to walk at least 30 minutes a day and sweat a little bit to release some of the water you've built up to clean out any toxins in your body and promote a better blood flow throughout your body. It's a hard habit, but it's not anything too major. Sip a bottle of water as you walk and listen to music while also paying attention to your surroundings. Meditate and observe the outside as that proves to be a very relaxing and beneficial motion to my cause of action.

Another issue I would like to address on this topic as an introvert is that I am very insecure about being around or being seen by others and how I overcame that tremendous issue was quite simple. Sunglasses. Yep, wearing sunglasses even when the sun isn't out helped me overtake my problem of other people around me. Also sipping water and having something in my hand made the comfort level all the more tolerable.

Conclusion of the Fittest

So, my solution was based on the living factor of reality. Do not wait to make the better choices in life, start now—little by little—to make the most difference in your life and to make it count. Do not wait any longer to rack up the medical fees because of a young aged thinking mindset. Make the changes now and surely, even if it's just a little bit, you will eliminate any cause of suffering to your later ages in life. Take care of yourself like you would take care of your older self. Start today, or tomorrow, but surely soon!

Thank you for reading. My name is Sapphire Darkstar and you have just read about how I began making a difference in my life by the power of WATER.

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