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How does detox tea help you lose weight?

Know how they work and how effective they are

By Jenson WainPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

There is a huge debate on detox teas. According to some people, detox teas are the worst products that people use to lose weight, and some claim to lose a lot of weight by drinking detox teas. You can never know who is right unless you know how the detox teas work. If you know how these teas work, then you will have the answer to this question, and also you will know how much effective these teas are.

Detox teas are made with different herbal ingredients that our ancestors used to use for different medicinal purposes. Companies nowadays followed the same concept by mixing those herbal ingredients to use for various purposes. Detoxteawizard says the main purpose of detox teas is body cleansing. These teas help to clean our bodies from the different toxins that we receive from junk foods and carbonated beverages. Those toxins are harmful to our health. We should get rid of such toxins as early as possible. However, you can consider weight loss as the secondary purpose of detox teas.

How do these teas work for weight loss?

When we drink detox tea, it makes our metabolism faster than before, which burns the fat from our bodies. In this way, we can lose some pounds. Detox teas also curb the appetite, due to which we feel fewer cravings for meals and ultimately eat less, which also aids a little in weight loss. These teas also restrict our bodies from creating new fat cells, which is another step in weight loss.

Detox teas also make us poop a lot, which also aids a bit in losing weight. When we sleep, our body gets nutrients from the food we have eaten during the day—still, some food stores in our body, which is useless and becomes fat. Detox teas help to clean out those foods by making you poop. These teas also make you lose weight in an indirect way. The caffeine in the detox teas is a great source of energy. If you drink these teas in the morning, you’ll feel energetic for the entire day. That’s how you do physical tasks more actively and lose few pounds.

These were all the ways that detox teas work to make you lose weight. Remember, you lose only a few pounds by drinking detox teas. If you think that you will lose 20-30 kg with just detox teas, then you are mistaken. Hard work is a must if you want to lose massive weight. If you want to lose massive weight, then never skip a workout. Avoid eating junk food that is making you fatter day by day. Only eat a healthy diet, only then can you lose massive weight. You can consider detox teas an additional aid in weight loss, but you can’t expect 100% only from these teas.

What’s the best time to drink detox tea for weight loss?

For the best result, you should drink detox teas two times a day, morning and the nighttime. Let me tell you, the morning time is more effective than the nighttime. The morning time detox teas contain caffeine which speeds up the metabolism and makes you more energetic. On the other hand, nighttime detox teas don’t contain caffeine because they are meant to make you sleep peacefully, and caffeine is the worst enemy of sleep. That’s why you can’t get the benefit of caffeine from nighttime detox teas. If you have only one detox tea and it contains caffeine, then I recommend you to drink it in the morning time only because if you drink it before going to bed, then it will disturb your sleep badly.

I hope you people will have a clear idea about these teas, how they work, and how much you should expect from them.

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