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By Salman siddiquePublished about a year ago 4 min read

In order for life to be pleasant and fulfilling, health is an important basis. Even if it is not easy to actively pursue health care, it is not impossible. Of course, it takes a bit of initiative to do something for your health on a regular basis. But against the background of self-responsibility for personal resources, overcoming what is often referred to as the inner bastard should be a little easier. Everyone can do a lot for their own health - at any time, because it's never too late.

- Individual fitness and health

training An individual training program is very important for your own health care. Anyone who has ever dealt with a training plan tailored to individual needs will find that this training method is much easier to stick with than you might think. If the plan is tailored to personal needs, there are no seemingly insurmountable hurdles to overcome. For some, this can represent the reduction of back pain through targeted training, while others train for better condition or to reduce body weight. With qualified guidance, the right training plan can be worked out for all needs.

If not only the individual training plan is a problem, but also the question of time could prevent regular training, personal fitness training offers the best opportunities to do sport regularly and in a targeted manner.

It is important in all cases that specific individual movement is integrated into personal everyday life.

Whether it is the personal trainer who regularly requests training sessions several times a week or whether it is the independently initiated activity during the lunch break, where at least 30 minutes of non-sweat activities are planned. Even during meetings and conferences, the active break of between five and fifteen minutes can increase concentration and provide the necessary exercise. At a seminar lasting several days, it is now even possible to order an all-round care package tailored to individual needs at the same time as the hotel room.

The possibilities of getting exercise on an individual basis are as diverse as the sports that can be practiced today. Important training units for the benefit of your own health can also be integrated into a stress-filled day.

- Prevention instead of cure

Prevention has become an important topic not only because our healthcare system is changing significantly now and will continue to do so in the future. The future of healthcare envisages that, in addition to medical care, prevention will also receive the greatest attention. Early activity is therefore better for maintaining health than later compensating for health problems. Especially back pain, cardiovascular diseases and joint problems (we can highly recommend glucosamine joint nutrients for joint problems ) are health problems that can be well prevented through prevention.


The right training plan is not enough to build muscle effectively and burn fat quickly in the desired areas. While a customized combination of exercises, alternating training phases and rest periods, and consistent training are essential to getting the body in the right shape, if the diet is not properly coordinated, all the hard training will, at worst, be in vain.

Balanced food in individually optimal amounts is the keyword. In order to know what the right amount is, you have to find out how high the individual calorie expenditure is. The daily calorie requirement depends on the weight, the body fat content compared to the muscle mass, the training strategy and the training goal you have set yourself. Special body fat scales can provide further information here.

In general, it can be said that carbohydrates are necessary to build muscle, but should not be consumed in large quantities too late in the day. Protein foods are important during exercise. Vegetables, raw vegetables and fruit - all these foods are actually always allowed, and dairy products can also be on the menu every day. While meat is allowed in moderation, it should ideally be avoided as much as possible and care should be taken when preparing it. In general, the so-called saturated or polyunsaturated fatty acids can lead to arteriosclerosis and cardiac arrhythmia in excessive amounts. Calorie bombs such as fast food products and extremely sugary foods should be limited in order not to build up unwanted pounds instead of muscles. Important is, endurance training , the necessary vitamins, minerals and roughage are in the food and the essential fatty acids, which are vital but cannot be synthesized by the organism independently, are sufficiently absorbed. It is also important to ensure that the joints are adequately supplied with important joint nutrients . These are found in olive oil and other vegetable oils. But the same applies here: the right amount makes the difference.

Various dietary supplements and special sports nutrition such as protein, protein and creatine can help build muscle and increase training success, provided that you eat consciously and in a balanced manner.


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