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How changes in climate can affect Hair Loss

by Panacea Global Hair Services 9 months ago in wellness

Know what is the role of climate in hair loss

People assume that if everyone in their family faces the problem of hair loss then they won’t be facing the problem. But this is not fact as a various factors can adversely affect the health of hair. We will concentrate on the environmental factors that lead to hair loss. As we all know, hair is the most important sign of beauty and youthful appearance. But you start losing your hair in excess ways you may concern with the doctor.

Environment can cause hair fall:

If the hair loss is not getting under control they are falling in an excess way you may be concerned with the hair transplant surgery doctor because hair transplant surgery is a permanent cure to counter the hair fall issue. Many of the people are not aware that the climate causes hair all here. Changes in climate are also the reason for losing hair. Here we highlights some top environmental factors:

Hard water: There are various forms of water which adversely affects the hair. Recent research has shown that, compared with other areas, countries with more PPM (parts per million) have more bald people. It will make the hair dry and hurt it if the water has a high amount of calcium, silica, and magnesium.

Hard water cause Hair Loss

Pollution: Everyone is conscious of the problem of pollution that not only affects wellbeing, but also affects the hair. There are poisons in the polluted air that can interfere with the amount of protein required for hair growth. Researchers assume that which makes the hair follicles weak, can enter the bloodstream, skin, and body.

This is why, as opposed to others, individuals living in the town area are more bald.

Dust: When the dust is attracted, allergies such as inflammation and scalp infection are caused. The person will have an itchy scalp that at first can be mild. But more hair will fall out when the necessary steps are not taken.

Chemical substances: There are some chemical compounds present in the pool water that are known to affect the hair, such as chlorine. There is no actual association between baldness and chlorine, but it adversely affects the hair's overall health.

Sun exposure: Sun can also lead to hair loss issues. Staying in the sun for a long time will result in problems with hair loss. Telogen effluvium may be triggered by this problem, in which the hair follicles reach the resting stage for a long period, which raises the problem of hair loss.

As the doctor will send you a reliable care plan according to your condition, make sure you seek medical attention at the right time.

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Laser Hair Loss Treatment

Laser hair treatment: It is also known as laser therapy for hair restoration are referred to as cold lasers because the light is absorbed, but the target tissue is absorbed. The light does not heat the target tissue as in other processes of laser hair loss treatment. The wavelength of the light released from the low-level laser cures or restores the cellular metabolism-impaired tissues.

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