How Breathing can Change Your Life

The simplest life hack that will change everything

How Breathing can Change Your Life
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Most people take breathing for granted. Who could blame them? Your amazing and mysterious subconscious mind orchestrates this task for you day in and day out. Perhaps the only times that you might be aware of breathing is when you're at the gym, meditating, or heavens forbid, having a panic attack.

Breathing is much more than we give it credit for.

Go ahead, take a breath.

Take a nice, big inhale.

Let it out nice and slow.

Do you feel that?

That's 100% natural molecular goodness straight to your nervous system. Practiced breathers can feel that goodness down to their fingertips and toes.

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So what else can breathing do? I mean, besides keep you alive and make you feel wonderful. What are some of the hidden secrets of breathing? How can you use it in your everyday?

Breathing can toggle you between two drastically different ways of living your life. Let's look at these two ways to live a little closer.

The first way is when you're breathing short, fast breaths. Imagine you're having a night out. You and your friends are talking and having fun at a restaurant. Then someone you didn't want to see waltzes into the restaurant. Your stomach drops, your eyes get wide, and your breathing gets short and fast. Great for think-fast situations, you get heightened vision and intense spurts of energy. Science says that when you're living your life this way, the sympathetic nervous system is in charge. A fancy phrase for escape pain.

The second way is when you're breathing deep, long breaths. Imagine you're relaxing in a hot tub. Someone you love is next to you. It's a beautiful, clear night and you're looking up at the stars. Your body is relaxed, your mind is clear, and your breathing is deep, and long. Amazing for having new ideas, healing wounds or pain in your body, and feeling happy. Science says that when you're living your life this way, the parasympathetic nervous system is in charge. Another fancy phrase for feeling pleasure.

Now, what about the hidden secrets of breathing?

Here it goes, you can control which way you're living your life by controlling your breathing.


That's right. You can decide to switch on your parasympathetic nervous system by taking deep, long breaths. You'll start to feel wonderful in no time.

Or, if you're about to do something difficult, maybe lift a heavy object or catch your run away dog, take a fast, short inhale, like a sniff, and notice how it gives you that extra burst of energy.

Are you ready for more hidden secrets of breathing?

Here it goes.

Breathing deep and long breaths is also a form of mindfulness and grounding.

You've probably heard of mindfulness.

Can you recall what it's like when you're being mindful?

Everything feels light and free, there's not a care in the world, and an overall sense of wellbeing and pleasure finds you. If you haven't felt these feelings yet, don't worry, keep practicing, it will come to you in no time.

But have you heard of grounding? If you have, we'll go a little deeper here. If you haven't, that's okay too.

Science knows that your body creates an electrical charge and actually emits a field of electricity around you, some call it the aura. This field of energy is not bound to the rules that physical objects have to follow and can move very quickly and change shapes in an instant. When you ground, you are grounding your energy field into the planet so that it gets more stable, uniform, and aligned.

When your energy field is grounded, you are able to think more clearly, solve problems quicker, be in tune with what's around you, and of course, feel more pleasure.

Now that you've mastered how to use breathing in your everyday life, level up your game by challenging yourself to breathe deep, long breaths for one whole day.

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Best of love on your wellness journey, and thank you for reading!


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