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Here's Another Post About Coronavirus

This is a little more casual than the usual Covid-19 articles

By Elise Published 4 years ago 4 min read


I thought I would add my two cents since that is what most people want to read about nowadays-however, this is all written by a girl who loves being isolated and hates leaving her house. So, if you are looking for some real news on Covid-19 then click out now.


It's not that I'm not taking this seriously because I am, however, I don't see the use in panicking. But if you're immune system isn't at it's best or you have health problems then I understand why you would be afraid. So, it's okay if you feel anxious, nervous or scared - just don't let it consume you entirely.

When I saw other people starting to panic I also began to panic, but then when I learned more about it I realized that being scared isn't going to help me. Though I'll admit when I'm outside near other people I get a little paranoid - especially if someone coughs.

And I get it, it's a crazy and anxious filled time but being cautious is more helpful than living in fear and emptying the supermarkets. 

Also, please remember that not everyone has the money to buy every single item in the grocery store, so be fair and go about your normal weekly shop instead of stocking up like a squirrel hoarding nuts for the winter.


But if you are feeling overwhelmed by the state of the world you aren't alone. And I promise you that food won't run out, so calm down. 

Go tune in to a podcast, watch your favorite Youtubers or Netflix series, write your novel, or just spend time with your loved ones. 

We are lucky to have the internet right now, it means there's a never-ending supply of opportunities and entertainment. It keeps us all connected especially during a time like this.

So, if you are really worried about going outside but feel that you need to in order to get supplies then just know there are people out there who are willing to help if you need anything - a neighbor, a family member, a friend, or even a delivery person. 

And if you know someone who is older or somebody who doesn't use the internet then please go and make sure they're okay.

We're heading into the unknown but have faith that there will soon be a cure (that is hopefully free or at least cheap) and the world will be right again - meaning all our other problems will rise up once more and we will be able to buy toilet paper without causing a fight.


Now let's have a little chit chat about panic buying, shall we? It's ridiculous that everyone is acting like the food and other necessities are going to run out. They're not, so please calm down. 

There's enough to go around BUT ONLY IF YOU DON'T BUY IT ALL! 

Yeah, I'm looking at you, Karen! (Sorry to all the nice Karens whose name we take in vain)

But seriously, who keeps emptying the supermarkets? Are they going to throw a party during this pandemic? Why are they hoarding so much food? Do they think there is a zombie Apocolypse heading our way?

Just this morning I went to the shops because I thought it would be quiet, and it was surprisingly quiet, however, when I got to the supermarket the shelves were mostly empty. Everybody looked as disappointed as I felt. 

So, I ended up coming home with some carrots, coconut cream, and chocolate - I was quite pleased to see all the delicious treats hadn't been cleared out though. 

Luckily for me, I had half a pumpkin at home, which means I can make soup for myself that should last me the next few days. But it would've been nice to have been able to do my normal weekly shop.

I'm honestly not worried about food running out because I know that if Australia goes into lockdown the supermarkets will stay open. Is that something people are forgetting?

We are now acting the way Italy was just a few weeks ago. The supermarkets were being emptied, people were scared but they still didn't take it as seriously, so the virus spread quickly. And now that's what the rest of the world is doing. We never seem to learn.

I see people still going out and doing things when they know they should be home. What's more important than your and other's health? Oh, booze, sex, and partying? Right, [sigh] YOLO.

It's frustrating because so many people complain that they wish they could sleep in, stay home, relax, catch up on much-needed rest and yet when they get told to do just that they suddenly don't want to do it.

You cannot panic buy and then refuse to stay home. It's just 14 days of making your own fun inside the comfort of your own home, there is so much to do, so just chill. This too shall pass.


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