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Health Tips for Millennial Women for Better Self Care

by Victoria Lim 6 months ago in health

“Self-care is how you take your power back.”—Lalah Delia

Health Tips for Millennial Women for Better Self Care

Instant coffee, instant messaging, instant love, instant life. In this chaotic world when everything is happening too fast and days just seem to fly by, we tend to forget to take care of ourselves. If your life has started to look a lot like the Groundhog Day and you are stuck in the eat-work-sleep-repeat routine, it's time to stop and smell the roses. There is nothing wrong with working hard and chasing your career goals, but if you don't find balance in your life, you will never be able to achieve them. Eventually, stress, spending most of your time indoors and nervousness will take their toll on your mental and physical health, so make sure you do something about it. Taking care of yourself is not as hard as it seems, and just by slightly changing your daily routine you will be able to lead a well-balanced, fulfilled and happy life.

Don’t neglect your eyes.

Most jobs these days involve sitting in front of a computer eight hours a day. However, staring at the screen doesn’t end there! Just admit it, how much time do you spend checking your Instagram or scrolling through Facebook? No matter how young you are, spending hours in front of a screen will gradually weaken your vision, so make sure you go to regular checkups and take care of your eyes.

Exercise regularly.

Wearing yoga pants around your house doesn’t qualify as exercise. Working out should be on your daily schedule, especially since it will enhance your cardiovascular health, increase your libido, boost your energy levels and improve your overall health. It will also help you focus on your tasks so you will manage to complete them with greater ease. Even if you are unable to squeeze going to the gym into your tight schedule, there is no reason why you cannot do low-intensity workouts on a daily basis. Instead of taking the bus, walk or cycle to work. Forget about the elevator in your building and take the stairs. You can even do yoga in your office! Regardless of whether you choose to go to the gym or exercise on your own, keep in mind that your safety comes first. High-quality exercising equipment such as the one from Rockay can improve your performance and help prevent, heal, and treat a variety of different injuries.

Get enough sleep.

If you are unable to concentrate, you have dark circles under your eyes and basically can’t function properly, you really need to get your ZZZS. In order to reboot itself your body needs at least seven hours of quality sleep, so make sure you go to bed on time every night. Otherwise, you won’t have enough energy to conquer the following day, and you won’t be able to shine at work.

Avoid junk food.

Who has time to cook these days, right? Grabbing a burger on your way home is always an easier way to fill your belly, but you are doing your body a disservice. No matter how busy you are, you need to pay attention to what you eat since nutrition plays a huge part in your physical health. There are so many healthy meals you can prepare in just 15 minutes, so give them a try. Limit the intake of coffee and alcohol, avoid sugary, fatty foods that contain trans-fats, additives, and preservatives, eat more pulses and lentils and your body will thank you.

Say no.

It is great if you want to help someone and make their life easier, just make sure you are not doing it at your expense. Although it may sound selfish, especially if you are a people pleaser, saying no every now and then is necessary for your mental health. After all, if you spend all of your time taking care of others, you won’t have time to take care of yourself.


It may sound silly, but meditating every day for just five minutes can enhance your mind power, help you manage stress and negative emotions. It can even reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety and help you feel relaxed and peaceful.


What makes you happy? Listening to music, visiting museums, eating delicious ice cream or traveling? Whatever it is, make sure to do it every now and then. Also, spend time with your friends and family as often as you can because their support is vital for your healthy state of mind.

Your mental and physical health is the most important thing you have, so make sure you do not neglect it. No matter how crazy your lifestyle is, you need to make time for yourself, otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy life to its fullest.

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