Health and Fitness Tips for Busy and Unmotivated People

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Health and Fitness Tips for Busy and Unmotivated People

Miserable, unmotivated, low self-esteem, hopeless, depressed, gloomy... If you have or are currently feeling any of these emotions please read on. The goal of my post today is to motivate and inspire you to take the first steps to living life as happy and healthy as you possibly can!

Healthy Eating

Everyone knows that eating healthy and exercising daily is one of the most challenging mental battles... It really is JUST a mental battle. We can do anything if we have the motivation and the drive to do it.

  1. ELIMINATE ALL JUNK: If you are really serious about your health you need to do this. Get rid of the chips, candies, chocolates, pops etc. Let me add that it isn't horrible to have a couple unhealthy things in your pantry, but you shouldn't have loads of it. It is OK to have an occasional unhealthy snack because steering clear of them all together will not last forever. If you starve yourself from them you will be awfully discouraged when you eventually do have that "cheat" snack.
  2. PLAN MEALS AND BUY ACCORDINGLY: This is another huge step that will be a crazy advantage if you follow it. Find a few minutes through the week and do your best to plan your meals. If you don't have much time then make it vague. Write down certain ingredients you will need for your week, then shop! (Only buy what you will need... no extra!) If worst comes to worse you can always go back and get something you didn't realize you were going to need.
  3. MEAL PREP: This last tip can define whether you are successful or not. We are all busy and we don't necessarily have time throughout our day to make a healthy meal. It may not even be that, you might just not have the motivation to do it. It's easy to eat out or grab some junk because it's fast! So my challenge for you is to prep your meals and snacks. This can be as easy as cooking up some chicken, fish or beef for the week and having it ready to go when you need something quick. You can also cook some rice, potatoes and vegetables to go with the meat. Another quick idea is having your fruit cut up and in containers. This makes life super easy when you are in a pinch. You can grab some snacks from the fridge and head on your way! Even when you aren't in a rush it is nice to have meals prepared in the fridge, because then you don't have to go through the process of not knowing what you want to eat and then being too hungry to take the time to make it!

Daily Fitness

Fitness can be hard. You will be sore, you will be unmotivated, and you just won't want to do it somedays. BUT, those days you feel like this are the days you absolutely should be getting in your workout. Below are some tips and tricks to help you get through the tough days!

  1. TIMING: The timing in which you do your workout is key! Just think about it.. you get home from a long day at work and the last thing you want to do is workout. Am I right? So, to solve this problem wake up a little bit earlier if need be and do your workout! Although this may sound awful, once you get into the routine you will feel amazing. Theres nothing better than being done with your workout by 8 AM! That means you get to be energized first thing, and will be able to conquer your day way easier!
  2. ACCOUNTABILITY: I think we can all agree that having someone hold you accountable is a great way to stay on track. Find someone that can motivate you day in and day out to stick to it! Whether it be a friend, family member or even a personal trainer. If you want to see results and you don't want to give up get yourself that person! Another way to stay on track would be to get a workout buddy. Get someone that will push you and keep you going back!
  3. BE REALISTIC: Don't set an outstanding goal that can't be met in a reasonable amount of time. You want to see results, so start small. For example set a goal to lose five pounds, or to try and get to the gym five days a week. Once you accomplish the small victories, make bigger and bigger goals!

I hope that these small tips will be just the motivation you needed to take on your day. Cheers to the new year, let's make 2018 the best one yet!

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