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Hack To Beat Weight Gain From Covid-19 Lockdown

by Nancy Ahuja 2 years ago in health
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Gaining weight is inevitable during COVID-19 lockdown. Spending more time at home means less to do and more time to spend eating. The unusual lifestyle is making sticking to your regular healthy lifestyle hard because of limited movement. This is becoming the new normal since no one knows when the pandemic-imposed restrictions will eventually go away. You must understand how to stay healthy by maintaining your old weight.

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This is weight gain during COVID-19 pandemic resulting from a disruption in routine and habits. These changes have a risk of encouraging health and medical issues over time. Staying at home most of the time means people are having less activity than before. This encourages burning fewer calories. Stocking up frozen and processed food means that people are eating less healthier with more calories. This encourages weight gain that has serious implications in the long run.

Hacks to avoid weight gain stress

Adjust your home setup

Working remotely requires getting a particular space for the home office. So, there is a chance of making the home office near the kitchen. There is nothing as hard as working near food. And, you’re more likely to find yourself doing more eating than eating. To avoid this, switch your office to a new space away from the kitchen. If your space is limited, schedule yourself not to open the fridge after a particular period. Sticking to this home set up will help you work like a regular day without worry about overeating.

Get professional help

When feeling like things are getting out of control, seek help from the best fitness trainer in Dubai . Luckily, you can easily pick one from a handy app on your Android device or iPhone. A professional personal trainer works according to clients’ budgets and has the right skillset. With a personalized approach, the chances of beating any weight gain because of the lockdown are high.

Avoid binge snacking

With people stuck inside their homes, the temptation for binge snacking is high. People are eating for reasons like being tired or bored. With the fridge a few steps away, there is more snacking today than working. When craving for a bite, reading the label helps. Snacks with less than 150 calories are better. The snack should have not less than 5 grams of protein and fiber and the sugar content should be no more than 6 grams.

To avoid binge snacking, don’t eat while working on the computer or watching TV. Eating without distractions allows eating less. Do not eat from the package by portioning your servings to limit overeating. This will ensure that you keep track of how much you have eaten.

Shop smarter

With everyone stocking essentials, consider staple food like whole grains, canned beans, and frozen vegetables. Apart from being cheaper, these won’t make you gain unnecessary weight. Write a list of what you are to eat for weeks ahead and avoid comfort food resulting from impulse buys. Exhaustion from the new normal makes going out very tempting. However, sitting down to healthy meals is a better solution.

While at the grocery store, avoid stocking up liquid calories. The rule of thumb is to drink just less than 5 of calorie beverages. Keep away from liquid calories including juice, energy drinks, and pop. Stick to water, sugar-free drinks, and diet drinks. Drinking milk is okay but skimmed or about one percent.

Meal planning

With restrictions on movement, people are running to rely on whatever is on hand. So, meal planning is the best way to eat healthily. Write down regular snacks and meals a night before or in the morning. Blueprints for the day give direction for all meals. Equally important is to make a list of items before the trip to the grocery store. A well thought-off shopping list makes looking up healthy recipes easier . Avoid going to the grocery hungry to limit impulse buys.

Step outside if you can

Maintaining an active lifestyle is not easy today. Luckily, there’s no need to take a 6-mile hike to stay healthy. Spending just 20 minutes outdoors lessens cortisol with subsequent management of eating habits. And, spending time in nature doesn’t mean going away from your home. This has a risk of exposing you to coronavirus. Going on your front yard or deck is enough and is a trick to divert you from food craving. A regular plan requiring spending a few minutes outdoors has a significant impact on weight loss.

Bottom line

The coronavirus outbreak is taking a toll on personal finances, lifestyle, and health. Adjusting to the new lifestyle is quite hard with limited activity. This comes with a risk of weight gain with a subsequent host of medical and health problems. Fortunately, hiring a personal trainer allows access to personalized training to keep your old weight.


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